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We have compiled a diverse set of exciting apps for the dinosaur lover in your home. Books, art, education, and just plain fun, we have included something for everyone.

Overview Witty the Robot is the animated, personable guide for young users learning about the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. He oversees the journey through thirteen chapters of information in an interactive digital learning tool. Features include: 13 chapters Interactive, animated pages Personalized Loaded with information about T-Rex Creative and fun   Quality Witty the Robot is …

Jurassic GO-Dinosaur Snap Adventures is a fun game where users seek out fanciful dinosaurs in their natural habitats, photograph them, and can get the best pictures hung in the museum they build and operate. The game offers a lot of ways to earn points, unlock levels and other perks and generally advance quickly.

Jonty the Dinosaur is a cute interactive ebook that every child will relate to. The main character, Jonty, has a great day filled with exciting and fun pastimes and then finds he cannot go to sleep that night. Children can try all sorts of tactics to help the poor dinosaur get some shuteye, and finally, Jonty nods off.

It’s Friday the 13th – well, it will be! This Friday I think it’s going to be lucky Friday because we already have a nice list of app that are free.

Help Zachy the Robot locate various minerals, dinosaurs and other natural wonders in this very extensive, interactive and challenging educational app produced with help from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History!

Welcome to another free app friday! Today, we’re going to start off by featuring the free apps for kids from our friends over at Moms With Apps / Parents With Apps. And don’t forget to join us over on the App Friday facebook page at 10am PST where you can find deals and codes for …

NEW! Nook apps for kids! We’ve checked the Nook store for kids apps that have user ratings or 4 or more!