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Spots Connect offers a highly entertaining, and somewhat addicting, puzzle game for kids. Can you remove the colored spots and advance through the levels?

Learn a new language through conversations with native speakers using Bilingua.

Scribble Cards offers a very simple app designed to help kids learn how to write their letters and numbers.

How quickly can you unscramble letters to make words and defeat your opponents in Your word against mine, a unique word app for kids?

Guide your space ship through space, shooting intruders that cross your path in Space Survival Astrolympics, a classic space ship shooting game for kids.

How many words can you make before time runs out in a game of Wordsplash!?

Solve 2D puzzles before you run out of time and/or moves with Griddle Speed Puzzle.

Kids can learn how to spell their name and discover fun facts about animals at the same time with The Name Game.

Learn new vocabulary words through themed word search puzzles in Word Magic: Educational Word Search Puzzles, a fun app for kids.

Be an athlete during the Sports Day of Qatar in Sports Day Heroes, a fun, athletic app for kids.

Kids interact with cute animated animals and learn all about what they eat, where they live, the sounds they make, and how to spell their names with Animani.

Extend the classic story of The Gruffalo with Gruffalo: Puzzles, an app full of different puzzle games for kids.

Head on down to the Yucky Mart and start collecting digital Grossery Gang characters in Grossery Game, a delightfully disgusting app for kids.

Help kids with autism learn new words, colors, letters, and numbers with a series of simple matching games in Autism Games 4 Matching.

Tilt your device to collect the colored monsters in The Sweet Little Monster, a simple game for kids.

Inspire kids to cherish the world they live in by reading and interacting with Care for Our World, a beautiful narrated ebook for kids.

Help kids learn to code and encourage them to create their own games with Fregger's Play: Learn to Code in 3D.

Kids can learn French through fun games and an immersive language approach with Pili Pop Francais.

Let kids explore the mall on their own along with a host of different characters in Pepi Super Stores.

Can you get the monkeys from tree to tree? Grow your sticks to the right length and see if you can make it in Monkey Stick Crossing.

Choose your weapons and get ready to dominate with Terra Fighter, a free fighting game for teens and adults.

Encourage kids to use their imaginations and go on journeys with Little Tiger and his friends in Little Tiger: Fire Truck, Submarine, Spaceship.

Guide the scooter down the road and avoid obstacles with Kids Scooter, a rad scooter-riding game for kids.

Use your logic and creative thinking skills to get the robot down the hole in Handybot, a fun logic-based game.

Defend your side of the screen by protecting it from scorpions, tumbleweeds, and other enemies in Showdown at the Oasis.

Travel down the river with Lex the hippo and her froggy friends in Let's Go Lex!, an animated story app for kids.

Collect all the dots while avoiding the squares and share your high scores with friends in Dot vs. Square, a simple, but fun arcade-style game.

Find clues and solve puzzles in 998 Escape Games - Love of Wizards, a traditional escape game with a mystical theme.

Can you find the clues and escape the room to free the love birds in 996 Escape Games - Free the Love Birds, a fun puzzle app for teens?

Run around the world, get points, and earn items with Little Doggy Run, a fun racing game for kids.

Gather your friends and make crazy faces while playing a game of Mimics.

Play along with the Ladybug Band in this fun animated ebook that will have you tapping your feet in tune with the music.

Ads turn an otherwise fun app into a frustrating experience with Collage Master - Photo Frames.

Kids will always have new content with a monthly subscription to KidsCast, an app full of games, books, and shows.

Help kids learn sight words through a series of six fun games with Sight Words - Learning Games.

Browse designs from up and coming designers from the comfort of your own home with Fashstory.

Try to move your cube to the other side of the path before your energy runs out in Switch Sides, a unique logical thinking app for kids.

Marmen offers a unique multiplayer, letter counting game, but suffers from quality issues and contains inappropriate language.

Travel through the African landscape and take out alien spaceships in Ole Lion, a simple, but fun arcade game for kids.

Kids can drag and drop objects such as letters and animals into simple puzzles in ABC Puzzles Game for Kids.