Every child we have ever met loves games. In this day and age, our mobile devices are the perfect way to engage children with games and apps that can capture their imagination. Check out our list of the best game apps for kids.

Pick-A-Pic is a simple app that encourages young children to match pictures of common items to their written word names. It’s easy to use and provides both practice and quizzing ...

Spell Bear is a simple and pleasant app that is designed to help very young students develop basic understandings about letter sounds and word order. The app provides practice with ...

Clue Story-Interactive Novel with Riddles is a fun mystery story that takes good advantage of the capabilities of technology to blend traditional stories with multimedia and interactive content.

Help kids learn sight words through a series of six fun games with Sight Words - Learning Games.

Good Dog Tobi is a fun app that will help young children learn readiness skills with a collection of over sixty mini-games that are entertaining and fun to play.

MonSticky-Decorate Your Monsters is an entertaining app that will unleash creative streaks in small children. Users can create thousands of variations of these not-so-scary monsters.

Math Bakery 2 – Continue Counting is a fun app that does a fine job of introducing and providing practice with larger addition and subtraction problems that require regrouping.

My4Faces Dreamland offers a few unique and entertaining twists on the popular match-three style game for your smart phone or tablet. It’s colorful, challenging, and fun to play.

Try to move your cube to the other side of the path before your energy runs out in Switch Sides, a unique logical thinking app for kids.

Marmen offers a unique multiplayer, letter counting game, but suffers from quality issues and contains inappropriate language.

The Turtle, Hare, and Friends Learning Puzzle Race is a free app that features three simple games suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. The app is pleasant, but somewhat limited in ...

Travel through the African landscape and take out alien spaceships in Ole Lion, a simple, but fun arcade game for kids.

ExplorArt Klee – the Art of Paul Klee, for Kids is a beautifully designed and illustrated ebook that invites users to explore many artistic styles and concepts through play. Let ...

Light Medley is a simple and repetitive game that challenges players’ memory, attention, and sequencing skills. Each level presents one more light in the series that must be duplicated, creating ...

Kids can drag and drop objects such as letters and animals into simple puzzles in ABC Puzzles Game for Kids.

Can you find all of the numbers in 63, an engaging math app for kids and adults?

Experience the feel of a classic arcade game as you try to take down missiles in Retro Shooting.

Kids can put their knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and base words to the test through a series of fast-paced quizzes in UnicornRunner.

Help kids learn to spell 400 new words with Super Spelling, a fun spelling game for kids.

Can you take out the enemy before he takes out you in Archery Master Hero?

993 Mine Escape is a fun escape-the-room puzzle app that offers hours of gaming time complete with challenging puzzles that will put your mental capabilities to the test. Be observant, ...

A fun block-style word game helps kids learn a foreign language in SLWG - Study! a Language Word Game.

Pigs & Bricks is an old-fashioned arcade game in the style of “Frogger” that challenges players to hop their pig across logs moving in opposite directions in a river. Obstacles ...

Skiplit is a highly-entertaining and possibly addictive “bounce the ball into the goal” app. The extra twists and challenges, such as moving barriers and multiple balls in play, will keep ...

Catch the Shapeshifter is a unique and challenging visual perception, attention, and focus puzzle that could quickly become addicting. Spot the Shapeshifter and other creatures that change their shapes as ...

Journey of Haha is a fun puzzle/adventure app that challenges players to collect items, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and unlock doors to move to the next level. Players need to ...

RingoWord is a literal “twist” on traditional word search puzzles, with the words being presented in a circular format. The rules are simple and the play is challenging.

Help kids build beginning number sense through a series of simple games in More 4 Monkey.

Save the space heroes by destroying asteroids and UFOs in Space Smasher, a fun, arcade-style game for all ages.

Discolor Rebounder is a free game app that offers an appealing activity in the style of some of the older, simpler video games such as “Pong” and “Brick.” Developers have ...

A lack of quality and ads make it difficult to focus on finding clues and escaping from the room in 990 Escape Games - Challenge 2017.

Interact with shapes and build logic and visual-spatial skills with RelationShapes, a creative shapes app for kids.

eTABU Word Search is a fun way to build reading, word recognition, vocabulary and mental flexibility skills. You can even use it to sharpen your languages skills. The app is ...

Fido & Pumpkin Position Words is a fun app to help young children learn about position in space, covering words such as “in,” “up,” “down,” and “between” with colorful animations ...

Wordrop-Addictive Word Puzzle Game is a fast-paced, high action word game that is perfect for building fluency with spelling and writing, as well as stretching vocabulary.

Build your own wool empire with Teeny Sheep, an addicting building game.

Read a story in a new way with Tara's Locket, a virtual reality app, which allows children to tag along with Tara on her journey to find her family.

How many numbers can you find before time runs out? Find out in Random 99, an addictive find the numbers game for kids and adults.

Solve multiplication problems to build bridges and save animals with Running Noah.

Learn Chinese with Lingokids uses an immersive language experience, animated characters, and interactive activities to help kids learn to speak Chinese.


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