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Teachley: Fractions Boost is a fun and effective system for helping middle elementary students internalize important fractions concepts and master grade 3 Common Core fractions standards.

Three Good Things- A Happiness Journal is a simple, yet effective app that will help most people develop a habit of focusing on the positive at least once a day. The app includes a notification system and game-like rewards for consistency, making it a bit ...

Preschool & Kindergarten Math Learning Games, in spite of its name, is actually designed to help younger elementary students practice their skills with basic computation. The app is simple to use and not particularly exciting. Though it is free, parents may prefer to choose a ...

Name the Animals is a fun app that will help users learn to spell animal names in both English and Spanish. The app uses engaging animations to hold players’ attention, and offers an intriguing hidden animal game after all levels have been accomplished.

My Fixie Town: Collection of Games for Childrens has a lot of potential to be fun for the target preschool audience, with thirteen engaging minigames and a fun premise of being a super hero and saving the day. However, the requirement to watch ads, the ...

Animal Sounds, Photos and Info is a free app that is jam-packed with content. It will engage most children and particularly will be entertaining to any child who is interested in animals. The app includes a nice array of information, puzzles, and activities.

WordStory-Word Search Puzzles & Brain Games is a fun, free app that will challenge older students and adults with word-building fun. Connect letters horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to uncover the hidden words that match the answers chosen by the app.

Magic Animals is creative, unique and fun. It combines the fun of a drawing/painting app with the gorgeous photography of a high-quality picture book about animals, as well as the fun of trying to get the computer to guess what you are drawing.

Playtime in Appelsin Town for Kids 2-5 is a fun app for the very young, appropriate for toddlers and young preschoolers, and children who are not very experienced with mobile devices. It teaches and nurtures a number of readiness and preacademic skills, and will be ...

Bunny Mindfulness is an engaging and fun way to help young children learn to control their breathing and discover the benefits of meditation. It is likely to help children calm down when upset if they practice when they feel alright, and will also help children ...

Code Adventures: Programming for Kids is a great app that will nudge users along the path to better understanding how computers work and how to be meticulous in giving step-by-step instructions. Even those who will never program a real computer will benefit from playing because ...

Missing Friend-Lite is a cute ebook that features the Icky Mr. Fox and his friends (who star in several other apps). The story is cute and engaging, the illustrations are fun, and the book has a nice level of interactivity.

Incredibox is a music exploration program that allows users to create beatbox mixes based on one of four basic tunes. The app promotes creativity and experimentation, and users can share their creations with others on the developers’ website.
Shingu's journey

Shingu the Sheep- Fantasy Puzzle Adventure is an app with potential that seems as yet to be unrealized. The premise of the game is fun for toddlers and preschoolers, and the target skills will support development, but the free content is limited, and the in-app ...

Early childhood is an ideal time to learn new languages, and Mandarin Chinese is a highly-sought-after skill. This app will help you and your child decide if learning the language is fun and give children an advantage if they are entering or currently enrolled in ...

Peppa Pig: Happy Mrs. Chicken is a delightful app that will make parents search for more in the series. Young children will adore it, it’s easy to use, and it’s very educational.

Blast! Photo Filters is a simple and easy app that will allow users to add various overlays with a space theme to their own photos or screenshots, and then send them to their friends. With 7 free filters and more available as in-app purchases, there ...

Black Blue is a fun and unique puzzle app that challenges players to choose the best starting point for their color when tracing complex shapes so that they cover more of the shape than the opponent’s color.

Fitness Race is a fun app that may motivate even reluctant users to exercise more. Users can collect steps on their phone’s step counter by exercising or even just during everyday activities, then use them to move forward in their race and beat opponents.

Croc’s World Construction Kit allows users not only to play an almost infinite number and variety of levels in this game, but it also offers the tools for ambitious players to create and share their own creative level designs.

Picstagrab – Repost Photos & Videos for Instagram is a handy utility that will simplify and automate the process of grabbing, captioning, and posting photos on your Instagram Account.

Jumping Miner is a cute arcade-style app that is simple to learn and takes quite a bit of skill to master. Developers have included over 1000 levels, so there is a huge amount of content here for dedicated players.

Story Starters Pro offers a nearly limitless supply of stimulating prompts to set writing off on the right foot. Everyone from students of all ages to professional writers will benefit from the material that this app has to offer.

MessagePet is a cute app that will entertain and amuse pet lovers by allowing owners to send and receive messages as their pet. Imagine putting your pet’s words, wants and wishes out for the entire world to see (or at least your connections through the ...

TSC Music is a utility app that will enhance your music listening experience, check and monitor your hearing levels, and perhaps even improve your ability to hear sounds in certain frequencies.

Taskmenizer is a stream-lined task management app that is attractive because of its simplicity. It covers the basics of setting up, assigning, and reminding about tasks, and it can attach files to those tasks for sharing.

Fruit Heroes Tale is an entertaining and unique marriage of match-three board games and battle-based games. Players have the challenge of numerous leveled match-three boards, and success on the boards increases the player’s battle capabilities.

Divi. is a surprisingly addictive and fun app that will help students gain speed and fluency at factors, multiples, and divisibility rules to help them improve their skills with equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, and finding common denominators.

PepeLine is a fun tile-slide puzzle that offers hundreds of individual puzzles with a range of difficulty and special effects. There are hints available (for purchase or in exchange for watching advertisements), so players don’t have to give up when they get stuck on a ...

997 Escape Games-Jealous of Love is an enjoyable escape-the-room type puzzle that will give players hours of enjoyment. There are many novel puzzles, and players will need to be on their toes to solve them all.

This free app offers a few simple games for your young preschool children, but it isn’t likely to have much staying power without subscribing to the higher level monthly program.

Document Writer for Microsoft Office: Word and PDF is a high-quality app that allows users to view and manipulate an array of file types on their IOS device, and to move those files to various devices with relative ease.

DEDOC Chat is a privacy and security app that allows users to send and receive coded messages with varying degrees of complexity and privacy. It’s perfect for users who wish to send any sort of private or sensitive information over chat and want to make ...

Tic Tac Rings is an extraordinarily entertaining, deceptively simple game that will keep most users busy for hours as they try to find patterns and develop strategies to improve their scores.

EZVid is a great free option for a host of video-editing options that will please most amateur enthusiasts. Use it to add a personal touch to video clips before you share them on social media or send them to friends.

Mini Militia Army War is a shooting game that pits the user against a horde of enemy soldiers that need to be killed or avoided, using an array of increasingly powerful and impressive weapons.

NHL Figures League is a fun fantasy sports app focused on hockey. Fans of both the sport and fantasy sports action will enjoy the app, which has many levels of competition and capability to collect figures.

Pick-A-Pic is a simple app that encourages young children to match pictures of common items to their written word names. It’s easy to use and provides both practice and quizzing modes.

Spell Bear is a simple and pleasant app that is designed to help very young students develop basic understandings about letter sounds and word order. The app provides practice with spelling three letter words, sounding words out, and more.

Clue Story-Interactive Novel with Riddles is a fun mystery story that takes good advantage of the capabilities of technology to blend traditional stories with multimedia and interactive content.