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Action Games for Kids

Love action games? So do we! We’ve put together the top action apps for kids in this collection of action apps for iPhone and Android. Simulations, flight and racing games or RPG’s. We’ve got the hottest action games that have all been tested and parent approved for our collection. Make sure you use our list to find the best age- appropriate action apps for your kids.

My Molecularium is an entertaining and educational app designed to give high school students a healthy dose of gaming fun while they learn and practice chemistry concepts related to molecular structure, chemical formulas, and skeletal formulas. Optional competitive features and social media sharing for achievements make the app a must-see for chemistry students who are also gamers.

Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing is a fun app that allows users to take the wheel of virtual racing car navigating freeway traffic. The user has control of the make/model of the car, its color, and a host of other options. There are also various options to customize game play. The main drawback is the extreme number of advertisements that run after nearly every click in the app.

App Info Price: Overview Designed to commemorate Sports Day of Qatar, Sports Day Heroes gives kids a chance to compete in their own Sports Day games. From kicking soccer balls and avoiding seagulls to jumping over hurdles, kids race to end up on top of the podium. Features include: Earn points Choose a character Avoid …

Choose your weapons and get ready to dominate with Terra Fighter, a free fighting game for teens and adults.

See the app in iTunes Inbarasu Govindaraj Price: Free with $0.99 in-app upgrade for ad-free 993 Mine Escape is one the latest in a wide variety of escape apps to be released. It follows the typical escape game protocol: solve the puzzles, collect tools, and try to break out in the least amount of time …

Journey of Haha is a fun puzzle/adventure app that challenges players to collect items, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and unlock doors to move to the next level. Players need to use their wits and their common sense to meet the challenges as they help Haha find the ancient artifact that she seeks in the castle.

Pock & Palam makes a gentle and simplified introduction to many types of standard arcade and game system games, and will help young children feel like they are “part of the action” as they play a game that just may entertain older children as well.