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Aside from creating meaningful hands-on learning experiences for your child, you can also encourage a child to learn about science technology like your smartphone. From engineering to plants to space, chemicals and everything in between, science is a huge field that captures the imagination of children. Our list of awesome science apps you can help your child learn all about science.

Happy Little Farmer is a nicely designed science app to teach young kids the life cycle of plants using three different scenarios. A few changes could be made in how things are depicted or how kids interactive with them, but the app is still recommended.

Based on the PBS show “Sid the Science Kid,” Sid’s Science Fair offers children the opportunity to explore science concepts through observation, identification, classification, and sequencing.

Discover Your Body is a fantastic way of teaching kids about the human body in a fun, hands-on, but educational way. There are 3 modes in the app; Explore, Assemble and Color. Explore shows and tells you all about different parts of the body with “touch to hear” narration and descriptive text which is clear …

Another fantastic app from Tribal Nova, we recently reviewed iLearn With Poko: Weather. This time we are learn about jungle animals. There are 3 levels, each one gets slightly more complicated as there are additional steps to identify then eliminate animals. Level 1 is all about the animals appearance, in level 2 we learn about …