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Aside from creating meaningful hands-on learning experiences for your child, you can also encourage a child to learn about science technology like your smartphone. From engineering to plants to space, chemicals and everything in between, science is a huge field that captures the imagination of children. Our list of awesome science apps you can help your child learn all about science.

Piiig Labs is a creative app for little ones with a special interest in science experiments that allows children to learn as they complete various projects.

There are so many amazing facts and facets to the human body, we thought it might be nice to compile a list of interesting and insightful human anatomy apps for kids.

If you are looking for a Reading Comprehension app with a lot of features (multiple users, reporting and create your own lessons) and are willing to overlook the less than polished interface – this app is for you. Science topics make this a must for the reluctant reader interested in this subject.