Flash Card Apps

Best Flashcard Apps. Never fail a test again. Now with the help of your favorite mobile device you can have digital flashcards. We reviewed the top flashcard apps based on user ratings, website and teacher reviews, as well as a direct review by our resident moms. There are some great apps that can help you study up for that next big test.

Help kids with autism learn new words, colors, letters, and numbers with a series of simple matching games in Autism Games 4 Matching.

Buzkids is a personalized app that helps little kids learn their letters, numbers, animal sounds, and fruit and vegetable names.

Practice your spelling words with a fun matching game in Spelling Bug: Word Match.

A unique flashcard and games platform makes Bitsboard PRO the ideal app for learning just about anything.

Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards takes flashcard learning into the digital era with fun activities, videos, and interactive illustrations that children will love. This app is educational, entertaining, and easy to use for ...

Build children's vocabulary in 8 different languages as they match the animals up with their vehicles to create silly pictures in RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle.

Encourage kids to solve basic math problems by rewarding them with apps. The more problems answered, the more apps they earn.

Learn French as you try to find the thief who stole famous paintings in this unique French learning app.

Learn Chinese phrase by phrase in just 10 minutes a day.

Race against another player to be the first to dress Fredo and Dressa while unscrambling words or answering basic math problems at the same time.

Crazy Times Tables is one of the most perfect multiplication fact practice apps available. It offers repetition and choice of facts made enjoyable by creative and visually interesting special effects.

Quizlet is a great tool for older students to use for memorizing and studying rote information from their own flashcards, their teacher’s sets, or even sets of flashcards created by ...

Young kids can build early math skills in 17 different ways as they make their way through this engaging math app.

Moms and teachers have voted. Here’s our list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. Perfect for keeping children mentally active these apps compliment all that hard work in the ...

Presidents vs. Aliens is a great app for learning all sorts of facts about our American presidents. Learn the facts while protecting the planet from an alien invasion in this ...

Learn to identify and write letters of the alphabet through numerous fun activities.

Star Speller, a spelling app for kids in kindergarten through second grade, has two games and a flashcard mode. Reasonably priced considering the features and content it offers.

SoGaBee’s Math Facts Fun is a universal app for learning and improving math fact skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Quick Math is a universal math app for improving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Kids will enjoy writing their answers on the screen.

Montessori Numbers contains multiple educational activities for kids ages 3-7 and is reasonably priced.

This is a very cute, simple and well designed flashcard app that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Yippee Cards is a cute flash card app with many sets that you can download for free.