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Learning the United States Presidents in school or just for your own gratification can be a time-consuming and tricky thing. Thanks to the App Store we have apps that can help us learn in a fun and effective way. We have found a selection of the best apps for learning all the fun facts about all the U.S Presidents.

Reviewed and recommended, these apps are a fun way for kids to learn about our American presidents anytime of year. Presidents vs Aliens Presidents vs Aliens is a game-like app that takes learning to the next level. This fun, interactive app teaches children fun facts, names, quotes, and so much more about presidents and includes …

Presidents Challenge is a fun and diverting way to memorize the names of the presidents of the United States in order. Users can choose to tackle specific eras or the entire list at once. There is a blank timeline with the year of election on one side of the screen, and a tray of presidential portraits with names on the other side. Users drag pictures from the tray to the correct place on the timeline. The app also provides a little biographical and background information about each president.