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Alphabet Apps for Kids

Set the stage for reading success with these awesome alphabet apps. Kids will have a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with these highly rates apps.

If you have children who are learning, or need to work on, their shapes, colors, numbers and letters, this app is a must-have. It’s reasonably priced and contains many fun and educational games.

Toddler Counting & Alphabets – Dinosaurs app by Space Machine Like the previously reviewed app Preschool Find & Match ABC’s & 123′s app by Space Machine, this app teaches preschool and kindergarten kids essential number and letter basics. This app approaches learning ABC’s and numbers in a simple way that incorporates puzzles and dinosaurs to …

One of the most important things children learn in preschool and kindergarten is number and letter recognition. It’s a simple skill that needs to be mastered early and this fun, game style app helps kids do exactly that.

Letter Buddies by Alpha Books is a great app for teaching the alphabet to kids. Each letter has it’s own AlphaBuddy which not only introduces the letter, but introduces several words that begin with the letter and easy sentence with each word.

The iWriteWords iPhone / iPad app helps kids learn and write the alphabet, numbers and words. The lite version is definitely worth checking out first – and may even be fine for your needs. Since I used it so much, I decided to opt for the paid version which is currently $2.99.