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Toca Boca

Toca Boca developers digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination. With many award-winning apps for kids, this is one of our favorite app developers. Toca Boca is focused on child-friendly apps for tablets and smartphones, helping children with creativity without in-app purchases or third-party ads.

Welcome to another Free App Friday! If we’ve reviewed and recommend the app, a link to the review is included. Always check the app store for the most recent price before downloading. Enjoy!  

Congratulations on the following apps for making it to the top 10 kids apps for 2011 as nominated by and voted on by our readers. Puss in Boots Movie Story came is a strong first with 32% of the vote. 1. Puss In Boots Movie Storybook (32%, 456 Votes) 2. JANES ABCs 123s (25%, 346 …