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Simulation Apps For Kids

Sim games let kids create a world of their own where they’re in control. This list of simulation games are downloadable for your mobile devices and teach your kids how to plan, and lead their peers. This list of the best simulation games will have your kids creating cities, empires and kingdoms while they learn complex skills like administration, planning and government operations. Your kids will have endless fun with our collection of the best simulation games out there for your iPhone or Android.

Equestria Girls is a fun app that will encourage little girls to fantasize about growing up into high school. However, parents should be aware that though the app is free, there are many places where in-app purchases and/or purchases of My Little Pony products are required to progress in the game.

993 Mine Escape is a fun escape-the-room puzzle app that offers hours of gaming time complete with challenging puzzles that will put your mental capabilities to the test. Be observant, and you just might be able to solve the puzzles and escape from the mine.

Journey of Haha is a fun puzzle/adventure app that challenges players to collect items, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and unlock doors to move to the next level. Players need to use their wits and their common sense to meet the challenges as they help Haha find the ancient artifact that she seeks in the castle.