Terra Fighter

Terra Fighter

Child Friendly
Choose your weapons and get ready to dominate with Terra Fighter, a free fighting game for teens and adults.


Like the title suggests, Terra Fighter is a fighting game. Players choose their weapons and their fighters and go into battle. Each successful fight helps them in advance in level. While the game offers quality graphics and sound effects, some of its other features make it largely inappropriate for kids.

Features include:

  • Multiple levels of play
  • Different weapons to choose from
  • Skilled warriors
  • Foreboding background music


All of the graphics and sound effects within the app have been designed with quality in mind. The characters appear life-like and the weapons are visually appealing. However, on some devices, the app may run a bit slow and crash in the middle of a battle. When it comes to organization, the app is fairly well-organized, with the different layers laid out and items for purchase clearly displayed in the store.


This app is not being rated for education.


Those who enjoy fighting games will have fun trying to figure out the best moves and weapons to win each fight. Because the game offers multiple levels, players can continue to improve their skills and face new challenges in each round.


The app is free to download. Players can get through multiple levels with the free version. In-app purchases are available for items designed to enhance the game and make it easier to conquer opponents.

Child Friendliness

On the main screen of the app, players see buttons to like, share, and rate the app. They can also tap to see more games. Within the game itself, players can visit the store to purchase additional items to help in the game. None of these features are protected. Ads pop up during game play. The general premise of the app also presents some problems for kids as it focuses on warriors and fighting.

  • YES 3rd party ads
  • YES rate us
  • YES social media
  • YES in-app purchase

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