Tara’s Locket – A VR Story for Children

Tara's Locket - A VR Story for Children

Child Friendy
Read a story in a new way with Tara's Locket, a virtual reality app, which allows children to tag along with Tara on her journey to find her family.

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Tara’s Locket gives kids a chance to explore a virtual world as they read. Through the use of a VR viewer, kids can take reading to a whole different level.

Features include:

  • VR interface
  • Engaging story
  • Instrumental soundtrack
  • Quality illustrations


The content of the app is created with quality in mind. As kids read the story, they’ll also get to hear beautiful background music view high-quality illustrations. Using the app does require a VR viewer, such as Google Cardboard. In the settings area, users can tap on help to go to the support site for Google Cardboard which is the default viewer. Beyond that, the app is easy to use and starts when opened.


Tara’s Locket gives kids a new way to experience a story. Not only do kids get to read about Tara, they get to feel like they are walking through Tara’s world. As she interacts with her friends, they interact with her friends. As she tries to find her family, kids get to help her find her family too.


Adding the virtual reality component to the story really helps bring it to life. Kids will enjoy getting to be a part of Tara’s life. They’ll also enjoy some of the other characters they meet, such as her friend Pooka. The illustrations and music in the story are truly beautiful. Some kids may wish it were a little more upbeat, but most will appreciate the quality of the story and illustrations.


For the same price as a standard eBook, kids get to experience a unique virtual reality component to the story. While kids may not be able to interact in the same way they do with a more traditional ebook, they get something even better, the chance to enter into the story.

Child Friendliness

All of the content within the app is appropriate for children, although they may need some help using the VR viewer. In the settings section, the help link that connects to the Google Cardboard support site is not protected by a parental block, so kids can gain access to the internet through that link.

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