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Ladybug Band

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Have you ever heard of the Ladybug Band? Read through this cute animated ebook for kids and dance along as the band plays its signature tunes. Kids can learn all about the band through the story, enjoy the animated illustrations, and even play along with the band at the end.

Features include:

  • Animated illustrations
  • Read to Me and Read to Myself options
  • Ability to record sounds
  • Cute rhyming story


Overall, developers have created a quality app. A few minor issues appear in the story. For example, the size of the font changes and, on some pages, is fairly small. In a couple instances, such as when the campfire appears, the animations do not work. In general, however, the story features clear narration, good sounds, and simple, but quality animations.


The story offers read along and read to myself options. The read along option features a quality narrator whose voice fits the story well. He reads at a steady pace that is good for readers of all ages. Animations are also included to enhance the story. One thing the story lacks is highlighted text to help make it more beneficial for younger readers. It does, however, offer some nice rhymes for kids.


As kids read through the story, they will be introduced to the Ladybug Band. There are four members of the band and each one has a special skill. Not only can kids read through the cute rhyming story, but they can become a part of the band. At the end of the story, they are given the option to play the role of each of the members of the band. As the song plays, they can sing or play the instrument and record themselves as they go. Kids have the option to save their recordings so they can listen to them again and again.


Ladybug Band is priced comparably to other interactive ebooks. Kids will enjoy the ability to join the band and record their own sounds at the end of it.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find little to take them away from the content of the app. As they read through the story, they will not encounter any ads, social media, or additional distractions. There is a small link to the developer’s website on one of the final pages of the story and access is not protected. The app also requests access to the microphone so kids can join the band at the end of the story.

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Ladybug Band

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars