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Music Games for Kids

We’ve got a great collection of music management software, streaming and audio apps for your mobile devices in this list of music apps. Everything music is here on our list including music apps for kids that entertain and educate while fostering a love of music in your child. Music is a language that also incorporates other languages and communication skills. Children can get a boost in brain power simply by listening to classical music. Learn more from our list of the best music apps around.

App Info Price: Overview Incredibox allows users to control a band of “beatboxers” who make a variety of sounds that can be put together to create short musical clips. Drag accessories to the characters, and they will begin to make a matching sound. Creations can be recorded and shared, and the app includes unlockable hints …

Caroline’s Camera is a highly entertaining app for kids that uses creative rhythms, music, and camera play to create hours of fun. Easy to use and great for children of all ages, this is one app that both parents and kids will love.

Mussila is a highly interactive and engaging music app that teaches children to recognize instruments, rhythms, and a variety of other musical lessons in one place. Easy to use and loads of fun, this app is great for children of all ages!

Kid-friendly Halloween apps are a fun way for your family to get into the spirit without anything too scary. All apps included have been reviewed.