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Fitness Race-The Step Counter Game App Review

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Fitness Race- The Step Counter Game is a motivational app designed to encourage increased exercise among users. The app ties in to the Health app on your iPhone to monitor your steps. These are translated into steps in an interactive race. The more you move around in the real world, the better you perform in the virtual race.

Features include:

  • Choose from multiple races
  • Translate real exercise into game progress
  • Challenge friends or other online players
  • No other fitness app needed-uses Health data
  • Puts an element of fun into exercise


Fitness Race is a high-quality app for your iPhone (it does not work on your iPad). The app taps into data from the Health app to count your running/walking steps, and translates these into energy that you can use in your virtual race. The app could definitely use a more detailed set of instructions, though. There’s an FAQ that takes users out of the app and to the developer’s website, but it closes the app in the process, and does not give much information about how to manipulate the game.


This app is not intended to be educational.


If there’s a way to make exercise fun, this just might be it.  Fitness Race translates users’ running or walking steps into energy that can be used in a virtual race through any one of a large number of cartoon versions of exotic places around the world. The app allows users to challenge friends or any other app users to competition, and includes power items and hazards to make the race more like a video game.


Fitness Race is free on the App Store, and uses data that is already being collected by your phone’s step counter. This makes it an outstanding value. Plus, it’s fun!

Child Friendliness

This app includes rating pop ups, unprotected access to the internet, and it wants to collect various kinds of personal information about usage.

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected ratings pop-ups
  • YES social media access
  • YES collects personal information

Child Friendly
Fitness Race
Fitness Race is a fun app that may motivate even reluctant users to exercise more. Users can collect steps on their phone’s step counter by exercising or even just during everyday activities, then use them to move forward in their race and beat opponents.
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