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Racing Apps for Kids

Challenge yourself and your kids with this list of the top racing apps on the market. Racing apps teach hand/eye coordination and foster a love of competition. Do you have a junior racecar driver or aviator? Set them up with these racing game and simulator apps for countless hours of racing app fun.

Winter is coming, so you might as well embrace it with all of your might! Here are some great apps that put winter fun into your digital world. Snowy Games and Fun Snowboard Party World Tour Pro Maple Media Holdings, LLC / $1.99 This amazing high-resolution game is the next best thing to having your …

Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing is a fun app that allows users to take the wheel of virtual racing car navigating freeway traffic. The user has control of the make/model of the car, its color, and a host of other options. There are also various options to customize game play. The main drawback is the extreme number of advertisements that run after nearly every click in the app.

App Info Price: Overview Teachley: Fractions Boost is a program designed to help third through fifth grade students deepen and internalize their understanding of fractions and the places where fractions are located on a number line. Players drive down a futuristic highway full of hills, banks and curves, and more, and periodically are challenged to …

Fitness Race is a fun app that may motivate even reluctant users to exercise more. Users can collect steps on their phone’s step counter by exercising or even just during everyday activities, then use them to move forward in their race and beat opponents.