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  • Last modified: July 18, 2017
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Can you take out the enemy before he takes out you in Archery Master Hero?

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Price: Free
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Archery Master Hero is a simple, addictive archery game for kids. The enemy is standing, ready to aim. Can you take him out before he takes out you?

Features include:

  • Fun archery game
  • Multiple levels
  • Ability to connect with friends
  • High score tracking


When players first open the app, they’ll see the main screen. A play button sits directly in the center of the screen, so it’s easy to get started. All of the sounds and graphics are of high quality. As kids play, they’ll find that the game moves quickly. In fact, it may move too quickly. That means they also have to act quickly.


This app is not being rated for education.


The premise of the game is fairly simple: take out the enemy before he takes you. To take out the enemy, players must shoot an arrow. There’s only one shot to take out the enemy, so players must act quickly. For the first few rounds, the speed of the game can be somewhat frustrating. It is difficult to figure out the angles and take out the enemy in the time allotted. However, after some time spent trying, players will start to get the hang of the game. For each successful round, they’ll earn coins that can be used to upgrade the archer.


Given that the app only contains one basic game, it makes sense that it’s free to download. Unfortunately, the free price comes accompanied by a lot of ads.

Child Friendliness

On the main screen of the app, a Facebook icon invites players to login to the social media network. Players can also connect to Game Center or tap on the star to take them to the App Store. None of these icons are protected. During game play, players may see ads at the bottom of the screen. Ads also appear in between rounds of the game. Unfortunately, the amount of ads make the game more annoying than fun in the long run.

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Can you take out the enemy before he takes out you in Archery Master Hero?

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars