RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle.

RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle

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Build children's vocabulary in 8 different languages as they match the animals up with their vehicles to create silly pictures in RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle.

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Help kids learn the names of animals and vehicles with RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle. This simple and silly app gives kids phrases and asks them to find the pictures to match the phrases. Dolphins drive tractors, toucans drive bulldozers, and kids build their vocabularies as they put the pictures together.

Features include:

  • Available in 8 Languages
  • Learn the names of animals
  • Learn the names of vehicles
  • Make silly pictures


When kids first open the app, they see a large question mark in the middle of the screen, a smaller question mark in the upper right hand corner, and a flag in the lower right hand corner. The quality of the game would be improved by offering kids a few basic instructions to get started. Instead, they must tap on and swipe the question marks to figure it out for themselves. The game could also be improved by enhancing the quality of the images. Some, such as the flamingo, sit tall in the vehicles, while others, such as the eagle can barely be seen. The eagle has other issues as well as many kid will not immediately recognize it as an eagle.


The app is designed to help kids improve their vocabulary in eight different languages: American English, British English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Russian. For each language, the game is essentially the same – kids hear a description and must find the pictures to match the description. For example, if the phrase is, “The toucan is driving the bulldozer,” kids will have to find the picture of the toucan and the bulldozer. Most of the images are fairly recognizable. If kids do not know the words, they can simply try arranging different pictures until they get the right combination. While this game is somewhat unique and does reinforce vocabulary skills, it would be much improved by adding the words to the screen along with the audio. This would help kids build multiple layers of vocabulary recognition.


For kids, the game is fairly entertaining. They hear a silly phrase and arrange the pictures to display that phrase. As they successfully complete phrases they earn more animals and vehicles so they can create even more silly pictures. Even if kids do not know what the words are saying, they can scroll through the pictures and come up with their own combinations of animals and vehicles to enjoy.


Parents and teachers who want to encourage kids to learn animal and vehicle names or are just looking for a fun free app should give this one a try. It may not be the most educational, but kids will enjoy it.

Child Friendliness

Aside from the game screen, the app only contains one other screen. Kids can select from different languages. They’ll also see a button to view more apps from the developer, but it is protected by a parental lock.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

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