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Little Big Car Factory Spelling Game App Review

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Young spellers participate in leveled practice with any of the built-in lists or groups of words entered by teacher or parent. The app automatically makes the tasks more challenging until children are spelling the word independently with no hints.

Features include:

  • Provide three progressive levels of difficulty for each word
  • Add as many lists as you wish
  • Maintain profiles for multiple players
  • Enter words in many different languages
  • Enjoy rewarding game play


Little Big Car Factory: Spelling Game is a very high quality app.  The developers have created a reliable and enjoyable game that is literally custom-designed to appeal to beginning spellers.  The interface is intuitive, and the designers have incorporated many tools that not only will help the children master the skills, but that also make setting up and using the app a breeze.  Great job!


It can be tough to take a repetitive task that many children see as boring (like spelling list drill) and dressing it up with enough fun to get kids excited, but this app is up to the job.  Developers built in many features that will get students’ engines racing, so to speak.  First of all, big kudos for designing the app so that adults can enter the lists their kids need to work on.  This makes the app so much more useful and targeted that it will be tough to say no to.  And more kudos for enabling multiple player profiles!  Teachers and parents can keep tabs on individual students’ progress.

The app walks spellers through a sound practice series that is designed to incorporate many senses and modes of learning.  It automatically begins with an easy task: filling in missing letters to spell the word from letter choices on the screen.  Some letters are already in place, and it’s an easy matter to fill in the rest.  The app reads the word, and children complete the spelling.  The second level is a bit tougher since there are no clues in the words.  The third level uses a virtual keyboard instead of simply scrambling the letters.  Adults can record their own voices reading the words if desired, and can also add a context sentence if they wish.

When the kids play, the app clearly shows them how they are progressing with each word.  They are awarded a “word level-up” when they respond correctly, and after four correct spellings (one at each level and one extra at the most difficult), the word is declared “mastered” and the child will see a trophy.


In addition to encouraging students as they spell, this app does a wonderful job of entertaining kids.  It allows them to build and decorate a race car, and then race it in an arcade-style game.  After three responses, the app moves their car to the next station on the virtual assembly line where a new feature can be added, and then after choosing wheels, color and decals, players can choose a tune for the radio and enter a race where they can steer to pick up coins and bonuses, avoid other cars and mud puddles, and even get extra speed boosts along the way to the finish line.

Best of all, the app congratulates players after the race by giving awards for spelling accuracy, persistence, improvement and more.  Each award translates to a new design feature that kids can use on the next round as they build a new car.  Hard work truly does pay off in this game, which is a great value to teach to young learners, as well.


Little Big Car Factory is a great value for younger students who need practice spelling.  The ability to create customized lists and to keep track of multiple players make this app a must-have for anyone with younger kids working to master spelling words.  Whether you put in the weekly list or have your child work on tricky spelling monsters, they will have fun and likely get so caught up in building and racing their cars that they will hardly notice they are learning as they go.

Child Friendliness

Little Big Car Factory is very child-friendly.  Adult areas are protected by a very effective parent gate that should be very challenging for young children to defeat.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)
Child Friendly
Little Big Car Factory Spelling Game
Little Big Car Factory: Spelling Game is an outstanding example of a fun and flexible app that adults can customize with the exact words students need to study or learn to spell.
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