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  • Last modified: July 22, 2017
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Review Summary:

How quickly can you unscramble letters to make words and defeat your opponents in Your word against mine, a unique word app for kids?


Your word against mine takes the traditional word game to the next level. At the basic level, it’s a simple word game. However, the app combines scrambled letters with multiplayer components to create a fun and challenging game for kids.

Features include:

  • Make words quickly
  • Climb to the top of the leaderboard
  • Enjoy four modes of play
  • Play against others


Most of the app’s content appears on the main menu. When it comes time to play the game, kids can select from a menu of four options. Unfortunately, the game lacks tutorials. The single-player modes are easy enough to figure out, but the multiplayer and AI modes can be tricky. Tutorials would make playing much easier.


Kids can put their spelling abilities to the test by playing this word game. Groups of letters appear on the screen and kids select the ones they want to keep. Then, they use those letters to make words. Some strategy is involved. However, the real focus of the game is being able to think quickly.


The game features four main levels: Infinity, Timed, Against the AI, and Tactical Multiplayer. In each game, the goal is to collect letters, and then use those letters to make words. In the AI and Multiplayer versions, the words you choose are scored against another player’s words. There’s also a tactical mode, but it seems to be more of a distraction from the actual game than an entertaining component. A leaderboard allows kids to track their progress.


The app is free to download and play. Through an in-app purchase kids can remove ads and unlock upgrades within the app.

Child Friendliness

When the app is first opened, kids will see a notice that the app uses cookies and must accept that notice to continue to the game. If a promo code is available, a box promoting it will also appear. Ads display at the top of the screen. Kids can also rate the app, share it through social media, and complete an in-app purchase to remove ads. Because this is a multiplayer game, kids can also interact with others as they play.

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How quickly can you unscramble letters to make words and defeat your opponents in Your word against mine, a unique word app for kids?

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars