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Help kids learn to spell 400 new words with Super Spelling, a fun spelling game for kids.
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Help kids learn to spell 400 new words with Super Spelling, a fun spelling game for kids.

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Price: Free
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Super Spelling helps kids learn how to spell over 400 new words. It does that by showing kids a series of pictures and having them drag the letters to create the word that each picture represents. Kids aren’t left alone to figure it out on their own. The app has plenty of features designed to help them.

Features include:

  • Available in English and Dutch
  • Multiple levels of play
  • Stars and ribbons as rewards
  • Hints and other helpful features


On the main screen of the app, kids can see the start button front and center. The main screen includes an icon with access to the settings screen. There parents and teachers can customize some of the features, such as determining whether to lock unplayed levels and whether to include the help option. A smaller button on the main screen allows kids to see their achievements.

When kids tap on the start button, they’re shown the different levels of the app. Depending on the settings, unplayed levels may be locked or unlocked. One kids choose a level, the game starts. This is where the quality of the app suffers a little. The images are clear and the letters stand out, but dragging and dropping the correct letters into their spaces is a bit frustrating. Kids may have to move the letters around a few times to get them to fit.


Through a series of levels, kids have the chance to learn how to spell around 400 new words. Each word is represented by a picture with a set of blank boxes below it. Once kids figure out what word the picture represents, they can drag and drop the correct letters into the boxes. A letter turns red and moves from the spot if it is incorrect. A help button allows kids to see the correct word if they can’t figure it out.


Learning to spell new words is something that kids enjoy. In this game, they’re encouraged to spell more new words by the opportunity to earn stars. As kids play, they’ll see quality images and also get to listen to relaxing background music. These features help make the game more entertaining.


Given the fact that Super Spelling is free to download and that it helps kids learn to spell hundreds of word, it offers a great value.

Child Friendliness

The app is free from advertisements, in-app purchases, and other content designed to take kids away from the app. Kids can access the settings section, but the icons are small and not likely to attract attention.

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Help kids learn to spell 400 new words with Super Spelling, a fun spelling game for kids.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars