Space Survival Astrolympics

Space Survival Astrolympics

Child Friendly
Guide your space ship through space, shooting intruders that cross your path in Space Survival Astrolympics, a classic space ship shooting game for kids.


If you have kids who enjoy space travel and shooting games, they’ll enjoy Space Survival Astrolympics. Like early arcade games, kids must guide their ship through space and shoot obstacles that come their way. However, Space Survival Astrolympics amps up the traditional arcade game by allowing kids to earn gems and upgrade their space ships as they play.

Features include:

  • Race through space
  • Shoot at obstacles
  • Earn gems
  • Upgrade your space ship


At first glance, the app is well laid out. When kids first open the app, they’ll see a set of categories, the first of which takes them into the game. From there, they can choose the course and level they wish to start at. The app does not offer a tutorial, so kids may spend a few rounds trying to figure out the controls and get a feel for the game. Everything is pretty well laid out, but a walk-through would still be nice.


This app is not being rated for education.


Kids have multiple options when it comes to playing the game. They can simply fly through space, shoot at obstacles, and earn gems or astrocoins. The basic game has three different levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. New courses can be unlocked as kids play. Kids can also upgrade their space ships to the latest models or search the scrapyard to find special pieces to give them more energy.


The game is free to download and play. Kids can purchase gems/astrocoins in the app’s store, but they can also earn gems by playing the game, so purchasing gem packages is not necessary. In addition to purchasing gems, kids can also pay to unlock a special level of the game. A third in-app purchase allows kids to remove ads from the game.

Child Friendliness

Space Survival Astrolympics asks permission to collect users’ basic information, such as age and location. In addition, the app allows kids to purchase gem packages from within the app and shows third party ads on the bottom of the screen. None of these features are protected by a parental block.

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  • YES 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase

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