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Solve multiplication problems to build bridges and save animals with Running Noah.

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If you’re looking for an app to help kids improve their multiplication skills, consider Running Noah. This simple multiplication app gives kids the chance to answer multiplication problems while helping Noah reach his ark. Every time he reaches the ark, he saves a stranded animal. The game moves quickly so kids must be prepared to answer questions quickly.

Features include:

  • Learn times tables in increments
  • Complete different levels
  • Catch lightning bolts
  • Save animals


There’s not much too this app. It features a simple arcade-style game. Noah runs across small islands at the bottom of the screen. A line of numbers appear on the right hand side. Kids must drag the numbers to make the desired product. Play moves quickly. Kids really need to be able to think on their feet in order to keep up. A tutorial mode gives them a chance to practice before they get into the actual game.


In the free version, kids can practice their times tables from 1 to 4. In-app purchases give kids access to times tables from 5 to 8, 9 to 12, and 1 to 12. Each of the levels works largely the same way, they just feature different animals and landscapes. This app is not really designed for beginning multiplication learners. Kids need to be fairly confident in their skills to move at the speed of the app.


Simple arcade games have a way of entertaining kids. As kids solve problems in the game, they earn points. They can also jump to catch lightning bolts. These help boost their scores. There is a leaderboard within the app. To access the board, simply grant parental permission via a link generated by the app.


Kids can try the first levels of the app for free. An in-app purchase allows them to get additional times tables. If kids do well on the free version, the additional sets come at a good value.

Child Friendliness

The app is free from ads and other inappropriate content. To get their names on the leaderboard, kids are prompted to visit a link, but it is not clickable within the app. There is an in-app purchase, so parents must make sure they have a password set up on their device to prevent unwanted purchases.

Solve multiplication problems to build bridges and save animals with Running Noah.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars