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Pigs & Bricks is an old-fashioned arcade game in the style of “Frogger” that challenges players to hop their pig across logs moving in opposite directions in a river. Obstacles and enemies are added with each successive level, making the game harder and harder as you progress.

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Pigs and Bricks is an arcade-type game where players must jump obstacles and avoid hazards while they build their house. Players can earn special powers, boosters, and other rewards for skilled play, and can compete with friends nearby or worldwide through the Game Center.

Features include:

  • Colorful, animated graphics
  • Five worlds with dozens of levels
  • Unlock “super powers” and other incentives
  • Increasing difficulty
  • Ability to “purchase” extra lives


Pigs & Bricks is a high quality app that challenges players’ visual perception and timing skills. Developers have created a multitude of worlds with hazards worthy of a fairy tale, including the Big Bad Wolf and aggressive mosquitos. There is a brief tutorial available, but it would help novice players if it were a bit more detailed. The game involves jumping across moving rows of logs on a moving river, and there are times when the pig’s jumps do not end as expected- occasionally he will seem to miss his log and stay afloat for another jump, and once in a great while he seems to land safely, and then fall in at the lower levels.


This app is not intended to be educational.


Pigs & Bricks is a fun, free app that will satisfy players who enjoy old-fashioned arcade games in the style of “Frogger.”  Each level becomes progressively more challenging, so as players master the art of jumping across the moving logs, enemies such as flying bugs appear to knock the pig into the water. As the pig jumps, he builds his house by accumulating bricks for each story, and when the house is completed, so is the level. And there are lots of levels to explore (20 in each of five worlds), though they begin to look an awful lot alike after the first few. Developers also included incentives for skilled play-you can earn super powers, extra time, and other bonuses as you accumulate points. And if you’re willing to watch an ad from time to time, you can acquire an additional life when you sink your last pig.


Pigs & Bricks is free on the App Store, making it a great value if you or your kids enjoy games in this category. It does take some amount of skill and coordination to rise in the game, though, so be prepared to play a while if beating levels is important to you!  Parents should be aware, however, that there are in-app purchases for things such as infinite lives available and unprotected in the app.  Infinite lives currently costs $11.99, and the option to remove the ads costs $4.99.  Other purchases available include extra time and partial completion of the house for ninety-nine cents and some of the super powers for $3.99 each.

Child Friendliness

This game contains outside advertisements, unprotected social media, and Game Center access.  It is possible to play without connecting to Facebook or Game Center, but these links are unprotected.  If you do not connect, game progress is saved to your device. Players are offered the opportunity to watch video ads to continue playing once their allotted lives are exhausted.  There are many in-app purchases offered, and the purchase area is not protected.

  • YES unprotected in-app purchases
  • YES unprotected social media
  • YES unprotected Game Center access
  • YES 3rd party advertisements

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