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PepeLine is a fun tile-slide puzzle that offers hundreds of individual puzzles with a range of difficulty and special effects. There are hints available (for purchase or in exchange for watching advertisements), so players don’t have to give up when they get stuck on a particular level.

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PepeLine is a sliding tiles puzzle game suitable for all ages. The app includes 28 levels with sixteen puzzles each. Players must slide tiles to complete a path so that the main characters, Pepe and Line, can happily meet up in the middle.

Features include:

  • Easy game play
  • Lots of levels
  • Puzzle and obstacle variation
  • Variety of board types
  • Special tiles with helpful properties


PepeLine is a quality app that is fun and easy to play. The app would benefit, though, from a slightly more extensive tutorial video to help those who are unfamiliar with tile slide games. There are also some sound quality issues that could get a bit annoying, most notably static that interferes with the sound effects that play when the unused tiles fall away from the completed path.


This app is not really intended to be educational, but tile slide games, by their very nature, offer a number of skill-strengthening aspects. Tile slide games require quite a bit of logic, planning and prediction. They also nurture visual skills and pattern recognition.  All of these things will strengthen the many foundational skills needed for school success.


PepeLine is loads of fun to play. Developers did a good job of adding twists and challenges at the various levels to keep things interesting, so the game will provide hours and hours of enjoyable recreation.


This app is free on the App Store, making it a great value.  If parents find the advertisements objectionable, there are in-app purchases to minimize or eliminate them.

Child Friendliness

This app is not particularly child-friendly. There are numerous advertisements ranging from ad banners that are constantly visible to a system where users can access hints to solve levels by watching advertisements.  The app also has unprotected links to more apps, in-app purchases, social media, the Game Center, and more.

  • YES “more apps” unprotected
  • YES unprotected in-app purchases
  • YES unprotected third-party ads
  • YES unprotected access to social media

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