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Light Medley is a simple and repetitive game that challenges players’ memory, attention, and sequencing skills. Each level presents one more light in the series that must be duplicated, creating an on-going challenge to improve the score.

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Light Medley is a visual and auditory memory and sequencing game in the style of Hasbro’s electronic Simon game. Players are challenged to recall sequences of increasing length and complexity and aided by the graphics’ position, tone, and visual cue of light bulbs “lighting up.”

Features include:

  • Six “light bulbs” that light in random sequence
  • Increasing difficulty levels
  • Pleasant musical tones to aid memory
  • Simple, intuitive game play
  • Builds memory and sequencing skills


Light Medley is a simple but high quality app that works smoothly and reliably. The app presents sequences of increasingly complex sets of lighted graphics paired with musical notes that players must repeat in proper order to move to the next level. In spite of somewhat ungrammatical (or badly translated) instructions, the game play is easy to learn and clearly outlined. Developers may want to consider rewording some of the instructions to improve grammar and overall flow of the language.


This app is not really intended to be educational in the strictest sense of the word, but it will provide valuable practice in several areas, including attention, memory and sequence. The task does get quite repetitious, though, so it may be challenging to hold the attention of students who are not as skilled at the game.


Light Medley is entertaining for those who enjoy memory challenges. Players who have a strong drive to compete to best their previous scores or those of other people will enjoy the game’s set up of moving to ever more difficult levels. The game is repetitive by its nature, so probably not the best choice for players who prefer novelty or a wide array of challenges.


Light Medley is free on the App Store, making it a good value. It may or may not have “staying power,” depending on the individual’s preferences, but it’s tough to turn down since there’s no investment involved other than time. The game does offer an option to continue playing when an error is made by watching an advertisement.

Child Friendliness

Light Medley has an option to watch an advertisement when you break your streak of successful progress through the game’s levels. This may or may not be problematic, depending on the player’s age and maturity level, but most parents may not find this feature suitable for younger players. It would be good if developers included an option to turn this feature off (with or without an in-app purchase).

  • NO social media
  • No in-app purchase
  • YES 3rd party ads

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