Jumping Miner

Jumping Miner is a cute arcade-style app that is simple to learn and takes quite a bit of skill to master. Developers have included over 1000 levels, so there is a huge amount of content here for dedicated players.

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Jumping Miner is a simple arcade game with over 1000 levels to keep players challenged and interested. The basic premise is for players to control the miner’s jumps and runs to collect moons around a spinning planet and avoid hitting dangerous items such as black holes.

Features include:

  • Cute miner figure
  • Funny animations
  • Peppy background music
  • Challenging, varied levels
  • Simple controls


Jumping Miner is a high quality app, despite its simplicity of use. Developers did a good job of embedding unique challenges within each level, and so keeping players’ interest on a simple game. A word of caution to persons who have trouble with dizziness, though-the world is constantly spinning, and it can change speeds and direction of spin abruptly, which could trigger vertigo in susceptible individuals.


This app is not intended to be educational.


Jumping Miner is an entertaining game.  The set up presents some interesting challenges of timing and directionality (it’s possible for the miner to change directions mid-jump, sending him into a black hole or other obstacle). Each level presents a new challenge, and the world spins at different rates and in different directions, seemingly at random.  I did get a little bit dizzy after a few levels looking at the spinning in different directions. Though I doubt this would be a problem for most people, if a user is prone to that sort of issue, motion sickness, or vertigo, they might want to try the game with care in that regard.  The game did seem to get a little repetitious, though new challenges were presented on each level, all so far involved running and jumping to avoid or hit targets.  I played through level 12, though, so admittedly there might well be other variations in the 1000 or more levels that I did not see.


Jumping Miner is free on the App Store, making it a great value. Users who enjoy arcade-style games that require timing and coordination will definitely enjoy it. Developers also have been quite generous with available levels, so players who enjoy themselves will find a lot of material and content to enjoy for a long time.

Child Friendliness

This app is not child-friendly. There are numerous third-party advertisements, connections to social media and unprotected links to the open internet.

  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES more apps (visible and unprotected)
  • YES numerous third-party advertisements
  • YES unprotected social media
  • YES unprotected outside links

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