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Price: $3.99


Incredibox allows users to control a band of “beatboxers” who make a variety of sounds that can be put together to create short musical clips. Drag accessories to the characters, and they will begin to make a matching sound. Creations can be recorded and shared, and the app includes unlockable hints and tips to improve the mixes.

Features include:

  • Includes 7 beatboxers (7 part music)
  • Includes 15 sounds to have the beatboxers make
  • Includes 4 base songs to modify and mix
  • Record tracks
  • Share tracks on the website


Incredibox is a high quality app that works very well and is quite intuitive to use. There are several nuanced ways to use the singers, such as creating solos or pausing them. Users can save their creations on the developers’ website, as well as share the link to them through social media or email. There is a short tutorial that clarifies the niceties of the app.


This app is not really intended to be educational, but some students may enjoy creating introductory or background music for class presentations.


Incredibox will be highly entertaining for aspiring DJs or beatboxers and for anyone who enjoys mixing music tracks. However, if a user is not inclined in that direction already, the app is likely to lose its interesting shine relatively quickly. It takes a person with inclination and talent to explore the possibilities and to discern one mix of beatboxing from another. So if you (or your child) have an interest or inclination this direction, the app will be a worthwhile investment. Interested parents or users can try the app for free online on their computers at http://incredibox.com.


This app sells for $3.99 in the App Store, which seems a little pricy compared to similar apps. I would recommend that new users try the online version for free to see if it will have lasting value, then consider purchasing for iPad if it meets your expectations.

Child Friendliness

Incredibox is not particularly child-friendly. There are unprotected links to the internet and to various social media sites, as well as public sharing of user name and digital creation

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES external links to social media and email
Child Friendly
Incredibox is a music exploration program that allows users to create beatbox mixes based on one of four basic tunes. The app promotes creativity and experimentation, and users can share their creations with others on the developers’ website.
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