Fruit Heroes Tale

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Fruit Heroes Tale is an entertaining and unique marriage of match-three board games and battle-based games. Players have the challenge of numerous leveled match-three boards, and success on the boards increases the player’s battle capabilities.

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Fruit Heroes Tale is a match and link game that pairs success on the matching game board with success in the battles going on above the board. The fruit heroes prefer their ammunition to come from their favorite fruits, displayed on the game board. Players slide their finger across rows and columns of matching fruits to provide fire power for the game above. There are also various game board-based incentives and puzzles to add interest.

Features include:

  • Collect gems for game rewards
  • Unlock additional heroes and pets


  • Earn booster wheel spins to add to rewards after each level
  • Multiple play modes
  • Compete against yourself to achieve high score and other benefits


This is a high quality app, and will please fans of both adventure/battle games and match-three games. If players are already familiar with the game format, the game is intuitive. However, developers should consider a succinct tutorial to help new players.  Also, I had a lot of trouble paying attention to the battle scene at the top of the screen, since my focus was on the game board trying to find matches.  It might be better to separate these two modes, possibly by having players earn battles with performance on the game board.  Finally, the font used for printed notices in the game is somewhat difficult to read.


This app is not intended to be educational.


Fruit Heroes Tale has a lot to offer fans of match-three and battle format games. Each round is timed, and becomes more difficult. As players progress, they are presented with new challenges or goals for each level. Some challenges include blacked-out spaces on the game board that make matches more difficult, floating keys that unlock cages with pets when the key reaches the cage, bombs and other tools to use in the battle, and more. The game has over fifty levels, with helps such as extra time available in trade for accumulated gems, so this minimizes the “getting stuck” syndrome that drives people away from the game after playing for a while.


Fruit Heroes Tale is an outstanding value on the App Store. It is completely free, and is more child-friendly than most free game apps. There are some available in-app purchases to get extra time or other game perks available for ninety-nine cents per purchase.

Child Friendliness

This app, while somewhat more child friendly than many of its brethren, does contain tempting unprotected in-app purchases. However, there are no outside advertisements or unprotected links to the internet.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected in-app purchases

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