ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids

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ExplorArt Klee – the Art of Paul Klee, for Kids is a beautifully designed and illustrated ebook that invites users to explore many artistic styles and concepts through play. Let your imagination fly with this ebook!

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ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids is an animated, interactive ebook that introduces the creations of artist Paul Klee to children with a fanciful trip to planet PK which showcases Klee’s unique style.

Features include:

  • Six interactive versions of Klee’s paintings
  • Guides Cice and Ku lead the tour
  • Original acoustic music
  • English, Spanish, French, German or Italian narration
  • Free exploration with no competition


ExplorArt Klee is a very high quality app that is responsive and intuitive to use. It’s suitable for all age levels, with optional historical and background information that can be accessed by older users. The app is easy to use and features a wide array of interactivity on nearly every page. Developers did a good job of providing access to customization tools, including additional conceptual information, voice-over and music controls, and navigation.


This app is very educational, and has achieved that rare state of being very engaging as well. It’s a great way to introduce the world of Paul Klee’s art to children (and adults) of all ages, and will keep readers engaged with puzzles such as a jigsaw-like activity and interactions such as musical whimsy that can be “played” in many different ways. Cice, the guide, and Ku, the cat, will lead users on a pleasant and engaging adventure through six scenes on the planet PK that are really paintings by Paul Klee. Developers did a good job of embedding a nice range of educational activities within the pages of this beautiful ebook.

In addition to helping users learn about Klee’s art, there are also several activities to help them better understand artistic concepts such as themes of nature, spirals, and the interconnection between music, art, and creativity.


ExplorArt Klee is highly entertaining. The graphics are stupendous and the animations and interactions make good use of the iPad’s capabilities. It’s not often you get to reassemble a masterpiece after watching it fall apart before your eyes!  Each interaction is unique and fun, so readers will be inclined to find out what will be on the next page.


This app may seem to be a bit on the pricy side, at $4.99 in the App Store. It’s a good value, but perhaps developers should do a little more tooting of their own horn. Building appreciation for many styles of art is crucial to a well-rounded education, and it takes some habit-forming activities such as this one to whet children’s appetites for more. Exposure will broaden users’ horizons and enrich their lives.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly.

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