Care for Our World

Care for Our World

Child Friendly
Inspire kids to cherish the world they live in by reading and interacting with Care for Our World, a beautiful narrated ebook for kids.
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Care for Our World takes kids through a story about taking care of the environment. As kids read through the story, they’ll be introduced to different elements of nature and gain a better understanding of why it’s important to care for our world.

Features include:

  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Soft background music and sound effects
  • Read to Me or Read to Myself options
  • Games and coloring pages


Within the app, kids will find a well-organized main menu, quality animations and sounds, as well as fun activities that react well to kids’ touch. In the settings section, kids and parents have option to turn on/off the narration, music, sounds, and learn words feature. The app also has an autoplay feature.


As kids read through the story, they’ll discover highlighted narration and interactive information. They’ll also learn a broader STEM lesson about the importance of caring for the environment. The story uses simple language and an engaging rhyme scheme.


After reading through the story, kids can opt to color background images. They can also interact with different habitat playsets which help them learn about features of the habitats and the animals and plants that live there. Kids can then take photos of their scenes which are stored within the app.


The app is priced comparably to other interactive ebooks and offers additional coloring pages and learning activities. Parents will appreciate the quality of the app, as well as the added educational value.

Child Friendliness

Kids can view an info section which contains links to some of the developer’s websites, but those links are not active. Otherwise, the app is completely child-friendly and free from ads and in-app purchases.

  • NO rate us
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO external links
  • NO in-app purchase

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