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Buzkids is a personalized app that helps little kids learn their letters, numbers, animal sounds, and fruit and vegetable names.

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Buzkids is an early learning app for babies and toddlers. This flashcard based app helps little kids learn their letters, numbers, animal sounds, and fruit and vegetable names. Not only can kids tap through the flash cards to learn, but the app is also personalized, so they hear their name attached to each one. The end result is a unique and fun app for little kids.

Features include:

  • Personalize with your child’s name
  • Learn letters and numbers
  • Hear animal sounds
  • Discover new words


On the main screen of the app, you’ll see a list of all of the categories. If you click on the settings icon, you can enter a child’s name. This will help personalize the experience of the app. From there, kids can tap away, moving from category to category, and also bringing up fun features, such as fireworks and balloons. One negative is that the app does not limit how fast a child can swipe from card to card, so little kids may swipe very quickly and not get as much from the app. It would also be nice if the app had a human voice instead of a computerized one.


Developers have created an app that utilizes simple flash cards and the repetition of the child’s name to promote learning. For example, the child will hear, “Hey (insert child’s name), Look. A for Apple” when the A card is shown. This gets the child’s attention. Then the child will hear what the object is and see a picture of it. There are five different categories, including Animals, which features pictures and sounds of each animal.


As kids swipe through the cards, they’ll find a lot of pictures to look at. They’ll also enjoy hearing their name. On the bottom of the main screen, kids will also see icons for stars, fireworks, and balloons. Tapping on these icons brings up fun surprises. A color wheel also allows kids to change the color of the menu buttons.


The app is free to download. While there are many flash card style apps out there, the ability to personalize this app makes it nice.

Child Friendliness

Kids can freely play within the app. Parents do not have to worry about settings screens or unprotected links. Everything in the app is safe for kids.

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