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Animal Sounds, Photos and Info is a free app that is jam-packed with content. It will engage most children and particularly will be entertaining to any child who is interested in animals. The app includes a nice array of information, puzzles, and activities.

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Animal Sounds, Photos and Info offers 50 animals in the free version with high-quality pictures, recordings of sounds, and fact sheets about each. The app includes a match the sound to the animal game, and a jigsaw puzzle activity.

Features include:

  • 50 animals in free version, 60 others available as in-app purchases
  • HD photos of animals
  • Clear recordings of animal sounds
  • Fact sheets on each animal
  • Puzzles with three levels of difficulty


Animal Sounds, Photos and Info is a high quality app that children will find entertaining and easy to use. The app can function like a picture book, introducing or reviewing fifty different kinds of animals in the free version. Each animal features a clear recording of its sound, HD photos of the animal in its habitat, and an information sheet giving facts about the creature. The developers included two different activities, as well. Controls are intuitive and easy to use.


This app is highly educational. Children from preschool through elementary levels will benefit from this app. The reading level on the information sheets is a bit high, so it would be nice if there were a “read to me” option included so that younger children could access the information.  Developers do have some incomplete areas on their fact sheets. For example, the squirrel, armadillo, and frog have ranges listed that do not include North America, and all of them live on that continent.

The animal sound-picture matching activity is quite difficult. For example, it is tough to tell the difference between the sound recorded for a hare and for a rabbit.  Young children may find this somewhat frustrating, but it will challenge older players.

The jigsaw/slide puzzle activity is very well done. Users can choose from three different levels of complexity. When pieces are returned to their correct placements, they lock in place, which helps users eventually solve the puzzles.


This app is quite informative and entertaining. Children can use it as an ebook, looking at pictures, hearing sounds, and reading (or having information read to them) about the animals. The puzzles range from appropriate for the very young to challenging for adults.  There is a wide array of animals included in the free version, and more are available as in-app purchases.


This app is free on the App Store, making it an exceptional value. The free version offers 50 animals with companion puzzles, which is a lot of content. There are two additional packages of animals (30 in each package) available as in-app purchases for $1.99 each.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly.  The in-app purchase area is protected with a moderately effective gate that requires reading directions to pass. It would work for younger users, but not for children who have reading skills.

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