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Learn to count from 1 to 20 with 123 Awesome Park.

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There are lots of counting apps out there for preschoolers and one of the best we’ve found is 123 Awesome Pack. This cute counting app helps kids learn to count from 1 to 20, one number at a time. Kids learn to count through a series of fun counting activities. As they do, they get to interact with characters, play fun games, and win silly prizes. Overall, 123 Awesome Park offers a fun, quality way to teach kids to count.

Features include:

  • Play fun counting games
  • Interact with animated characters
  • Set up multiple child profiles
  • Play in different languages


The app is easy for kids to play and navigate. They start at number one and work their way up to number twenty. Parents and teachers can use the protected parent area to set up profiles to track the progress of individual kids. In the parent area, they can also adjust the music and sound effects. The app is also available in 18 different languages, including Filipino, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Italian. Once kids choose a number to get started, they’re taken through a series of activities and animations. These move smoothly. However, in a few instances, the objects kids must drag and drop are a little difficult to move. For example, on a game where kids had to putt a series of golf balls, it was hard for little fingers to get the balls to move. In general, however, the app works very well.


Kids learn to count numbers in multiple ways. They’re shown the number and must drag it to a box. They’re asked to pick out the number of figures. They must select a group with the required number. They must also count individual objects to get to the required number. Along the way they also get to follow a story between a series of characters. The continuation of the story from number to number makes the app somewhat unique.


While the series of activities is somewhat repetitive, it’s still fun for kids. With each number, kids see different objects and interact with the characters in different ways. After completing each number, kids also watch their prize bar fill up. For every five numbers they complete, they receive a silly prize. This helps motivate kids to keep interacting with the app.


The app is priced comparably to other early math apps for kids. For the price, kids gain access to a quality series of activities for each number from one to twenty.

Child Friendliness

All content contained within the app is child friendly and easy for kids to interact with. Parents can access a protected parent area. There they can adjust the settings, set up individual profiles, and track child stats. A tab in the parent area also contains links to more apps and social media.

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Learn to count from 1 to 20 with 123 Awesome Park.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars