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Build your child's spelling and vocabulary skills through fun games and silly animations with Wonster Words.

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Wonster Words helps kids build their spelling and vocabulary skills through a series of fun spelling activities and animations. Kids can learn words from a variety of themed word lists, ranging from AT words to Space Adventures. As they do, they’ll be introduced to a host of zany characters and silly scenarios to help make learning to spell a lot of fun. Designed largely for students in elementary school, Wonster Words offers a way to break up some of the mundane aspects of spelling practice for kids.

Features include:

  • Learn to spell new words
  • Watch fun animations
  • Earn digital prizes
  • Purchase additional words


The main screen of the app features a sliding group of images. Each image represents a different collection of words. Those that must be purchased feature a lock symbol so kids know exactly what they can access. Once kids select a word collection to interact with and are given a particular word, the app shows off its quality animations and interactive components. Kids will find it easy to navigate through the activities and will enjoy the silly animations and fun background music as they play.


In the free version of the app, kids can download the daily words, a themed word list, and AT words. Additional word lists, such as Birthday Surprises and PH words are available to download through an in-app purchase. Developers target the app towards kids and toddlers, but the words contained in the app are not really ideal for the toddler set. Yes, toddlers will have fun watching the animations and placing the letters on the words, but many of the words, including those with simple word parts (such as AT words) contain longer words. Parents may also want to preview words. For example, AT words contains the word BRAT which is not really a bad word, but may not be a word parents want their kids to learn about in-depth.

The app itself is similar to another popular spelling/phonics app series. Kids see a word and must drag/drop the letters into the word. After they do, they’re given the definition of the word and shown a short animation involving the word. This style works well to help kids remember each word.


Kids will enjoy the silly animations as they form the words and will also like watching the videos that help explain the meaning of the word. In themed word collections, once each word is complete kids also receive a prize that they can unwrap. Prizes include silly things like space boogies. Developers have worked hard to ensure that kids are engaged and entertained at every part of the app.


The app is free to download and some activities are included. The free content offers a good sampling of what the rest of the app has to offer and helps parents and teachers determine whether other packs will be beneficial for children. Access to all of the words is available through an annual subscription or by paying extra for lifetime access. Individual word packs can also be purchased for lower amounts, but these can quickly add up.

Child Friendliness

In the protected parent area, adults can gain access to the developer’s contact information, as well as select whether letters should appear in uppercase or lowercase. On the main screen of the app are different word collections. Some collections come with the app or can be downloaded for free. Others must be purchased either individually or as a set. The in-app purchases are protected, but can be viewed by kids who are likely to beg their parents for word sets that look enticing.

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Build your child's spelling and vocabulary skills through fun games and silly animations with Wonster Words.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars