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Trace It, Try It

Child Friendly
Trace It, Try It gives kids multiple opportunities to learn how to form their letters, numbers, and three-letter words while still having fun.

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Trace It, Try It gives kids the chance to learn how to form their letters, numbers, and basic words. This cute app from This Reading Mama offers three different types of activities: learn, practice, and play. Throughout all of the activities, kids learn more than just how to form letters; they also build basic phonics and word recognition skills.

Features include:

  • Write uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Spell basic words
  • Write basic numbers/li>
  • Play matching and sticker games


The main screen of the app features icons for each of the three types of activities. These icons are front and center on the screen, making it easy for little fingers to decide what to play. At the top of the screen are small icons to allow kids to adjust the background music and sound effects, as well as a small icon to take parents to the settings area. The activities themselves are well-organized and easy for kids to play and navigate.


Forming letters and numbers is the main activity found in Trace It, Try It. The app gives kids two ways to form the letters. First, they follow numbered dots contained within the outline of the letter. After tracing within the outline a couple of times, the outline disappears and kids work to form the letters on their own, guided by the numbered dots. As kids learn to trace letters, they’re given simple reminders to stay in the lines. They’re also introduced to some basic phonics skills through cute icons. For example, for the letter P, kids drag a small pizza around dots. For the letter D, it’s a dinosaur. In addition to uppercase letters, the app also allows kids to trace lowercase letters, numbers, and three-letter words.


Peppy background music, positive reinforcement, and cute icons help make this app more entertaining for kids. When they’re ready to take a break from tracing letters and numbers, kids can enjoy fun matching and sticker games in the “Play” section of the app.


The app is very similar to many other tracing apps out there and it is priced comparably. It is one of the better handwriting apps out there and, combined with the resources from This Reading Mama, is a good choice for those looking to help their kids learn to form letters, numbers, and basic words.

Child Friendliness

Parents can access the settings section which contains information about the app, social media icons, and a link to This Reading Mama’s website. On the website, parents will find printables and other resources to help expand the learning kids do.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links, app rating & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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