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Mussila is a highly interactive and engaging music app that teaches children to recognize instruments, rhythms, and a variety of other musical lessons in one place. Easy to use and loads of fun, this app is great for children of all ages!

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Mussila is an interactive and fun app that teaches little ones all about music. This isn’t your typical music app, as it offers not only instrument recognition activities, but also teaches children to begin reading and understand music progressively. The best part is that even children with little to no music experience can gain a ton of great information and fun using this app.

Features include:

  • Instrument recognition
  • Interactive interface
  • Music creation and recording


There is no doubt that Mussila is a high quality app with its awesome graphics and engaging music and sound effects. Children are going to absolutely love playing with the various instruments, creating their own music, and interacting with the various musical monsters that star in this app. The developers have also done an excellent job making the app easy to use for children of all ages. The interface allows children to follow the numbered activity path to easily move through the various exercises as they play. Easy to use, engaging, and very well done.


Mussila isn’t your typical music app as it offers children a great opportunity to learn and recognize a variety of instruments by their sound. It also includes activities for children to follow along and play songs as well as identify specific rhythms by reading notes. With a progressive learning experience, this app allows children to work their way through the app with activities increasing in difficulty and through experiential learning.


For music lovers, this app is highly entertaining. In addition to learning about various instruments and learning rhythms etc., players have the chance to customize their band, create music that they can record, and so much more. Mussila is educational and exceptionally engaging for children of all ages.


Priced at just under six dollars this app is quite a bit more than parents might expect to pay for similar apps. While it is clear that the developers have put a lot of time and effort into this educational and engaging app, it seems to be a bit more expensive than many parents may want to pay. With that said it does offer experiential play and loads of educational information across 65 lessons so children are going to get a ton of playing and learning time out of the app.

Child Friendliness

Parents will most certainly appreciate the fact that this app is easy to use and totally safe for children of all ages. With simple tap and touch functioning, kids can easily move through the app while learning a bit more with each new lesson. The best part is that there are no distractions such as additional links, advertisements etc. that would take children away from the focus of the app.

  • NO social media
  • NO external links
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads

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