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Review Summary:

MeteoHeroes is a fun app that features child characters that discover they have weather-related super powers as they train and prepare to take on world-wide meteorology problems.

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MeteoHeroes introduces six characters that discover weather-related superpowers as they train and learn together. Their goal is to become superheroes that use weather to save the world from various problems such as pollution. This app poses six levels of challenges to the group.

Features include:

  • Earn Meteocards
  • Explore 6 different environments
  • Explore 6 different levels
  • Learn about 6 kinds of weather phenomena
  • Enjoy unique sound effects and scenery


MeteoHeroes is a high quality app that will help children learn basic information about the weather. The app’s instructions to users are in printed blurbs that appear on the screen. There are also printed tips to help the environment, however, these often disappear before a child would have a chance to read them. The app has a limited parents’ section that is well-protected. It contains a link to the developers’ website that gives a more complete backstory for the characters and some additional information about how to use the app. Developers included a brief tutorial to help users understand how to manipulate the characters.


This app is listed as being for children ages 6-8, and the game play is appropriate for the age group. The reading levels, however, seem quite a bit higher than this, so many first, second and third graders are likely to have some trouble accessing the educational content. In addition, many children do not study weather in such detail until later elementary school.

The content of the game is very educational for children, explaining various aspects of climate and weather phenomena. The characters are sent on a journey and encounter obstacles in their path such as a burning forest and a frozen ice cave. The user needs to reason out what kind of weather phenomena will help remove the obstacle so the game can continue. For example, the only MeteoHero that can put out the forest fire is Pluvia, the Rain Hero. Only Nubes (the cloud hero) is able to block the extreme sun in the desert. Players can switch active heroes at will, and can choose a new one to face each obstacle. Once the obstacle is passed, the game presents a Meteocard. These cards have weather information on them, and are accessible from the main screen by scrolling to the far right. It’s not particularly obvious where to find them, though, so parents may need to nudge children so they get the most out of the app.


MeteoHeroes will have kids zapping lightning bolts, blowing breezes, and controlling rain showers to overcome obstacles around the training course, which will appeal to many. It did start to seem a bit repetitive after a while to me, though. Kids can experiment with using different characters to overcome the obstacles, but once the reasoning is clear to them, they will realize that one and only one character will get the job done. For example, only Pluvia can put out the forest fires.

Completing tasks also yields Meteocards to add to the collection, but as far as I could see, these were just informational in nature. Not that that is a bad thing, but kids may not particularly entertained for long by them.


MeteoHeroes is free on the App Store, which makes it a good deal. If you have a child who is interested in weather, or one who likes super heroes, this app will be lots of fun. Adults should be aware, however, that this is a big app and will gobble up over 600 mb of your device’s memory.

Child Friendliness

  • Protected parent area (contains external links)
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

MeteoHeroes is a fun app that features child characters that discover they have weather-related super powers as they train and prepare to take on world-wide meteorology problems.

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Rated 4.5 stars