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Review Summary:

Lingokids is a sampler app that allows parents and children to try out five lessons to teach English vocabulary to young children using engaging animated activities related to groups of eight vocabulary words.

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LingoKids offers English lessons for young children on three levels (individual words, phrases and sentences) that cover over 3,000 words within the paid subscription version. Lessons are grouped by word function and by parts of speech and are conducted using simple interactive games.

Features include:

  • Free lessons to sample the program
  • Supplemental activities available
  • Adaptive technology creates a unique learning experience for each child
  • No prior knowledge of English necessary
  • Offline play and multiple student accounts available with subscription


LingoKids is a high quality app that will encourage young children to play with English words, phrases and sentences. It includes an array of different types of interactions, colorful animations, and engaging sound effects. Developers also included some simple suggestions to help parents make the most of the learning experience with their children.


This app provides a wealth of leveling options to guide young players into the right activities. When the app first begins, users have the opportunity to choose the child’s age and level of experience with English. The app utilizes technology that the developers term “Learning Gears” and will adapt if the selected content is too easy or too difficult.

There are five types of lessons available in the free sample version of this app, with a total of twenty lessons currently available with the subscription. In addition, subscribers can see records of their child’s performance, use the app with multiple learners, download supplemental activities, and activate offline play for times when an internet connection is unavailable.

The Games section includes simple, age-appropriate interactive activities. For example, the Animals section names farm animals as they are dragged to the bath tub, and gives users the opportunity to wash, dry and brush each in turn. A Video section shares a catchy tune with animation, and the My Teacher section shows a live teacher going over the words for the lesson. The Writing section allows users to trace related alphabet letters, and the Printables section (accessible only through a Parent Gate) takes users to the developers’ website where printable pdfs can be downloaded to continue the educational fun off line.


Young children are likely to enjoy the activities in this app. They are very relatable, and will seem very familiar to kids. The characters are funny and the animations and sound effects are engaging. The artwork is simple and bright, and will appeal even to young toddlers. There is a nice variety of types of interactions, but all are quite intuitive and developers have embedded clues such as pictoral directions and shaking items that should be touched.


This app is free on the App Store, and is intended as a sample for the complete program. A few samples of the five types of lessons available for free, including 4 games, 5 videos, 4 My Teacher lessons, 6 Writing lessons, 4 sets of Supplemental Materials are included in the free sample, which is a very nice array to see what the app can do. The app indicates that an additional five lessons are “coming soon.” However, in order to see the other materials, use the offline play feature, the record keeping, and so forth, users must sign up for the one month free trial. The app indicates that additional months will be billed at $4.99 per month, and that users will be billed $59.99 after the first free month for an annual subscription. It was very unclear to me if there was a monthly payment option available, and the information within the app did not seem to match that provided in the description in the App Store, which indicates that the monthly fee is $9.99 with a no-fee cancellation at any time. This is quite confusing, so be sure you understand the terms of the subscription and cancellation policy before you commit.

Child Friendliness

There are a number of links that are visible to children, including links to paid subscription content. Clicking these links leads to a page detailing the free one month trial subscription, with the actual “start” link on the page protected by a parent link. The links all seem to be protected with an effective parent gate, but it would be better if they were not visible to children at all.

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase (protected, but visible)
  • YES social media (protected, but visible)

Lingokids is a sampler app that allows parents and children to try out five lessons to teach English vocabulary to young children using engaging animated activities related to groups of eight vocabulary words.

$ Free
Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars