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Build addition and subtraction skills through a unique game that has kids cut up, combine, and group numbers.

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Help kids build basic addition, subtraction, and counting skills with Fiete Math. This high-quality, entertaining app has kids build key math skills as they load blocks onto ships. If too many blocks appear on the beach, it’s up to kids to figure out how to get the correct amount onto the ship. Can they do it? This app offers them plenty of opportunities to get it right.

Features include:

  • Multiple levels
  • Fun animals to unlock
  • Creative backgrounds
  • Interactive practice opportunities


Developers have created an easy-to-navigate app full of addition and subtraction practice opportunities for kids. The app is organized by level and sub-level and kids can easily get where they want to go. All of the sub-levels load quickly and feature high-quality sounds, images, and animations. The one negative of the app is that it can sometimes be difficult to “slice” the blocks to separate them. It’s possible, but it may take a few tries.


The app is organized into different levels. These levels include Splitting Numbers, The Magic Five, Plus, Minus, and Practising. There are seven levels in all and each level includes ten sub-levels. At each level, kids must perform a different set of tasks to load the boat with the correct number. All of the tasks involve splitting, combining, or grouping the blocks to get the correct number. Sometimes kids must split a group of blocks multiple times. Other times, they don’t have to do anything to it. As kids complete the task, they learn about the basic principles of counting, addition, and subtraction. While many of the activities may seem repetitive, the app does a great job of helping kids master the concepts and encourages them to use logical thinking skills to get the answers correct.


Most of the levels of the game involve the same action – cut up, combine, or group blocks or animals to load the correct number on the ship. However, the developers have added in elements designed to entertain kids as well. These include funny animated characters that appear on the screen and engage in silly students and animal blocks that kids can unlock as they successfully complete levels. Each main level also has backgrounds that are representative of a specific country. For example, The Magic 5 backgrounds are representative of Brazil.


Fiete Math has the same style and feel as apps such as DragonBox Numbers, but it comes with a slightly lower price tag. The app offers 7 different skills for kids to practice and 70 sub-levels of practice opportunities.

Child Friendliness

A settings section allows users to reset the levels and turn on/off the sound effects and music. This small icon only appears on the main screen. The rest of the app is focused solely on helping kids build their math skills through the creative activities.

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Build addition and subtraction skills through a unique game that has kids cut up, combine, and group numbers.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars