Ben and Holly: Elf and Fairy Party

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Ben and Holly Elf and Fairy Party is an entertaining and engaging app that will get young children involved and keep them playing again and again as they create a new and different party experience each time.

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Ben and Holly Elf and Fairy Party is a playful pastime that is designed to tickle toddlers and preschoolers with an entire party full of fun with characters from the television show Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, which originates in Great Britain and is popular the world over. The lead characters invite children to play party games, collect gifts, and enjoy silly surprises in this free-form game.

Features include:

  • Four party games with many options
  • Familiar characters, music and sound effects from the TV show
  • Interactive and engaging activities
  • Creative options to decorate gifts
  • Ample opportunities to play with gifts


Ben and Holly Elf and Fairy Party is a very high quality app that will entertain and delight young children, particularly if they are already familiar with the characters. The app is intuitive to use, and includes oral instructions for every activity. The narrator is enthusiastic and bright, which will encourage children to play. She does speak with a pronounced British accent, but everything is clearly enunciated.


While this app is not really intended to be educational, it does have some qualities that will help children develop important skills. Players need to make decisions about which activities to pursue, and then they need to follow oral directions. The app encourages development of eye-hand coordination and allows children to learn about cause and effect as well as the passage of time since some activities have short time limits. Ben and Holly Elf and Fairy Party also includes several free play areas where kids can manipulate the presents they’ve received through playing, as well as the jelly flood that brings all sorts of items with it. Who wouldn’t want to play in jelly!


Ben and Holly Elf and Fairy party is highly entertaining for the target age group (toddlers and preschoolers). Kids will have no problem moving from game to game, and the play is engaging enough that it will keep them coming back for more. There are four different party games to select: decorating a present, breaking a piñata, popping balloons, or making music with a band. Each of the activities has several options within it as well, so children could play for a very long time without duplicating an experience.

The developers did a good job of appealing to young children’s sense of humor-the screen occasionally gets flooded with jelly, band members turn into fat frogs and play jarringly off-key notes from time to time, and so forth. All in all, it’s a ton of fun!


This app is free in the App Store, and it’s a really fun app, so what’s not to love? Best of all, it’s child friendly and entertaining at the same time.

Child Friendliness

This app is as child-friendly as it can be.

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  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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