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Zap Zap Math is an outstanding and versatile math practice app providing Common Core exercises for children in kindergarten through grade six that is both entertaining and educational

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Zap Zap Math offers intergalactic practice with a wide array of math skills from kindergarten through grade six. With 60 games in 11 topics, the app covers several dozen Common Core Math Standards for elementary school.

Features include:

  • Fast paced and interactive
  • Organized by topic and grade level
  • Topics and games arranged in order of difficulty
  • Motivational tools, such as earned points and stars
  • Adaptive activities become more or less challenging based on performance


Zap Zap Math is a high-quality app. Developers put a lot of effort into the system, and it shows. The interface to choose topics and then games is a carousel, which can be fun to use. There are several formats to the games, but some games reuse the same format with more advanced content. This is a good thing because it reduces the learning curve for many students. Each game includes an optional short tutorial that outlines how to play, and each has a space theme. The graphics, animations, and background music are all at a good level to intrigue but not to overshadow the content. Well done!


This app is an outstanding example of a math practice app. It offers an array of eleven topics (preschool math, addition/subtraction, multiplication, geometry, measurements, angles, ratio, fractions, geometry, expressions and coordinates. The game is organized by grade level, with two to four topics available in each grade, each having four games in increasing order of difficulty. Points, awards such as “chief pilot,” and stars are given for accuracy and speed on each game. Each topic can be matched to an array of Common Core standards, so it would be easy for a teacher to match games with areas needing practice.

It’s very nice that the app covers such a wide array of topics; it would be very helpful when individualizing programs for various students. If teachers or parents register on the “dashboard,” several students can have individualized accounts, and adults can see the students’ performance in each area over time. There is no cost to use this feature, but adults will need to provide name, email address, student nickname, and school to set up the account. One minor concern is that the game is organized around grade levels, which might be dis-motivating for students who need practice with skills below their grade placement level. What fifth grader will feel good about having to go to the “first grade” section to work on place value or basic addition, even if those skills are needed? It would be better to devise other names for each level, and have a “key” somewhere accessible only by adults to quantify grade level.


Zap Zap Math is loads of fun. The games are themed around aliens and a fanciful intergalactic world, and they are very enjoyable. They are sure to grab and keep kids’ attention, and they may not even notice that they are studying math. The developers did a nice job of incorporating many different response types-students can drag and drop, slide around the screen, and tap to accomplish goals and solve problems. This adds a lot of interest. In addition, the background music sets a pace that “expects” speed in problem completion-it just sounds fast! It’s not quite frenetic, but it will prompt children to try for their best speed.

The games provided are short and sweet, usually demanding no more than completion of five problems before bragging about points and awarding level stars. This keeps the play moving along at a fast pace, and will keep students playing longer.


Zap Zap Math is an outstanding value. This high-quality app is available for free in the App Store, and will provide loads of targeted math practice for students from preschool and kindergarten through grade six and beyond. If I were you, I’d grab it quick before they change their minds!

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. There is a “Feedback” and a “Dashboard” button that is visible, but the links in that section are protected by a parent gate that will be effective for most elementary students. It involves solving a complex math problem that can include several steps. It might be better if the entire section were protected in this way, instead of just the links within the section.

  • Parent area (contains protected external link and app rating)
  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads

Zap Zap Math is an outstanding and versatile math practice app providing Common Core exercises for children in kindergarten through grade six that is both entertaining and educational

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Rated 5 stars