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Sweet Baby Girl Summer App Review

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Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun is one of those apps that kids just love. Set at the beach, this app is designed with fun in mind. While kids don’t actually get to interact with the water, they can make hot dogs and ice cream, style hair, give manicures, and clean up a horse barn. Once they’re finished, they get to use their hard-earned coins to shop and decorate. While the in-app purchases make this initially free app a bit pricey, it’s a fun choice for kids, particularly girls, who just want to have some fun on the boardwalk.

Features include:

  • Play five different activities
  • Earn coins
  • Purchase clothing and accessories
  • Collect postcards


At first glance, Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun doesn’t appear to be a high quality app. However, once you get past the main screen, it’s surprisingly well made. Non-verbal instructions and arrows guide kids as they complete each activity. While every activity uses the same basic motion (move your finger to make an item appear or disappear), the game incorporates different tools to make kids feel like they’re doing something different each time. As kids play, they earn coins and level up. These are tracked at the top of the screen and used to purchase clothing and other items within the game. Coins rack up quickly, making it easy for kids to make purchases.


This app is not being rated for education.


In the free version of the app, kids can visit the hot dog stand where they get the chance to earn coins by making hot dogs. An in-app purchase gives kids access to manicures, the hair salon, an ice cream parlor, and horse care. With all of these activities, kids earn coins that they can use to purchase items in the shopping mall and the villa. Other ways to earn coins include spinning a wheel (only once per hour) and watching videos, although no videos were available at the time of this review. All of the games are fairly simple, but they’re the kinds of activities kids really enjoy. The ability to earn coins and dress up the girls in the games provides them with even more incentive to keep playing the games so they can fill their villa with furniture and purchase large amounts of flowery clothing and accessories.


Downloading the app is initially free and gives kids access to the hot dog game. All other stores and games within the app must be unlocked through an in-app purchase. All of the locked games are fairly simplistic and over-priced, but still fun for kids.

Child Friendliness

While the app is free, it does offer in-app purchases. On the main screen, kids are also exposed to a large selection of other apps and a “Rate Us” icon. All of these items are visible, but protected by a parental lock that has kids hold for three seconds.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)
  • YES in-app purchase (protected, but visible)
  • YES “rate us” (protected, but visible)
Child Friendly
Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun
Head to the beach in Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun where you can make food, get all dolled up, and have fun interacting with the girls.
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