Peg+Cat: The Tree Problem

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Help! Cat is stuck in a tree and he needs kids' help to get him down and safely back with Peg.

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Cat has a problem! He keeps getting himself stuck in trees. Using their basic geometry skills, kids must create a path to help Cat get down from the tree and back to Peg. They get to do this in a variety of settings, from a winter storm to a suburban park and a backyard garden. Kids will love interacting with Peg+Cat characters and helping Cat solve his problem as they play the different levels of this app.

Features include:

  • Different habitats and seasons
  • Multiple levels
  • Increasing difficulty
  • Popular characters


A rotating menu makes it easy for kids to navigate through the different settings in the game. They select a tree, followed by a level. Then they listen to the directions. During a few of the games kids need to listen closely to hear what to do. A help button will give them hints but not repeat all of the instructions. However, since each game is pretty much the same, just with different details, kids will have it all figured out in no time. Then they’ll get to enjoy the antics of Cat and have fun interacting with two of their favorite characters.


Peg+Cat: The Tree Problem focuses on helping kids build basic math skills. As they create paths they’ll focus on shape size and concepts such as higher and lower and shorter and taller. Some of the settings require kids to be very precise. For example, they must choose the right sizes of rectangles to build a bridge. Others require them to be less precise. For example, they stack snowballs to form a path, but the path doesn’t have to be even. Cat likes to take risks and is sometimes willing to make big jumps down from the tree rather than have kids build the path all the way up. This is good for kids who are just learning or just want to play for fun, but not as challenging for kids who could work to get it right.


While each game has a few unique shapes and other components, kids pretty much play the same game in each setting and at each level. As a result, they may not find themselves playing more than a couple rounds of the app each time. As they successfully complete paths, kids receive praise from Peg and Cat which helps motivate them to play a little more, but the app would be improved if the paths were a little trickier or if the game changed a little more for each setting.


If kids love Peg+Cat, they will enjoy this app. However, it is priced a bit high for those who aren’t fans of the characters. Yes, the app offers multiple settings and multiple levels within the settings, but since each setting and level offers essentially the same game, it’s hard to justify the price.

Child Friendliness

Aside from a Parents button and a More Apps button at the top of the screen, the app keeps kids focused on the game. It’s easy for them to use and a help button helps give them hints when they get stuck.

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Help! Cat is stuck in a tree and he needs kids' help to get him down and safely back with Peg.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars