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  • Last modified: July 21, 2017
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Head down to lake to build early learning skills while fishing with Grandpa.

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Price: $2.99
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There’s nothing better than spending a cool Saturday morning fishing and making memories with grandpa. Now all kids can enjoy the experience and learning something at the same time. Fishing with Grandpa takes kids through a series of learning activities, many of which involve fish. They get the chance to learn some of the basics, such as identifying colors and numbers, but they also get to learn about different types of fish and a little bit about the art of fishing at the same time.

Features include:

  • Number, color, and word recognition activities
  • Fishing-related activities
  • Puzzles and mazes
  • Friendly grandpa as narrator


From Grandpa’s slightly raspy, but encouraging voice to the country background music, the app really captures the relaxed feel of fishing with Grandpa on a Saturday morning. When kids first open this app, they’re invited to go fishing with grandpa. Once they touch the boat, they get the opportunity to go through a series of learning activities with the help of a friendly grandpa. At the beginning of each activity, kids are given clear instructions. A single word off to the side of the screen also provides a reminder for kids who can read, but kids who can’t read must turn their sound on and listen closely to the instructions at the beginning of each activity. Parents can customize the types of activities kids enjoy via the settings screen.


When kids go fishing with Grandpa, they’ll encounter a variety of educational activities. Many of the activities focus on basic skills, such as tapping all the fish of a particular color or tapping on groups of fish that contain a certain number. Kids will also get to help a crab find its way through a series of mazes, hand Grandpa some of his fishing supplies, and figure out which animal is different. After completing a series of activities, kids get the opportunity to choose a lure, cast the line, and catch a fish. Once they successfully catch a fish, they’re told the type of fish they caught and get the opportunity to measure the fish before adding it to their collection.


The app keeps kids interested by presenting them with a variety of learning activities, but it is Grandpa who truly hooks kids to the app. His positive praise and energetic spirit keep kids playing. Even if they get something wrong, Grandpa responds with a subtle reminder that encourages them to try again. When they play, they’ll really feel like they’re fishing with a friend, especially when they get to give Grandpa a big high five after they catch a fish.


Fishing with Grandpa is priced comparably to similar apps. It is a worthwhile app to add to your collection, particularly for children with an interest in fishing and nature. Parents who are not fans of fishing can customize the settings to take advantage of the learning activities without letting kids fish.

Child Friendliness

The app contains a more apps section with a video-based add for an app featuring Grandma. However, access to the additional apps and feedback forms are protected by a parental lock. A parental lock also keeps kids from accessing the settings area where parents have the ability to customize some of the content kids see.

    • Protected parent area
    • NO social media
    • NO 3rd party ads
    • NO in-app purchase
    • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)
    • YES “rate me” (protected, but visible)


Head down to lake to build early learning skills while fishing with Grandpa.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars