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  • Last modified: July 1, 2014
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Review Summary:

Forget grown-ups, kids make the rules and control what goes on in this fun virtual world.

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Parents who have neat freak tendencies and those who have a hard time breaking away from the rules will have a hard time loving Toca Town. After a few minutes of playing the game, kids will have the criminals throwing the cops in jail, food littering all of the tables, and water running in the bathroom sink. Not okay in the real world, but totally okay in Toca Town. While it may not sound like an app parents will want kids to play, it’s a great app for kids because it gives them a place where they can take control and a safe environment to enjoy. It also introduces a lot of great talking points for parents and kids.

Features include:

  • Multiple buildings and stores
  • Realistic sounds and actions
  • Over 20 different characters
  • No rules!


Toca Town lives up to the quality of other Toca Boca apps. It features the same bright colors, the same fun music, and many of kids’ favorite Toca characters. Along with these standard quality features, kids will love the sound effects found in the game. They’ll get to hear water running in the sink, alarm clocks going off, and every kids’ favorite, tooting as they sit on the toilet. Every aspect was designed to appeal to kids’ senses.


How can letting kids do whatever they want and making a mess of a town possibly be educational? Surprisingly, it is. As kids play the game, they learn about the effects of their choices. Leave items all over town? It becomes harder to find them when you want them. Parents can also use the scenarios kids get their characters into to start talking about more serious topics, such as the role of police officers in a town and why we should turn off the water when we’re done using the sink.


It’s a town with no rules. None whatsoever. That means kids can do whatever they want. This includes choosing what characters to play with and dressing those characters up. It includes visiting six different locations in town and interacting with the items found there. It includes not making the bed if they don’t want to and leaving messes all over town. It even includes spending hours tooting on the toilet. When kids open the app, they’ll take this freedom, run with it, and have a ton of fun.


Toca Town doesn’t offer a lot of structured games and activities. It also doesn’t teach a lot of clear lessons. It does however offer hundreds of ways for children to interact with the characters and the various locations within the town, entertaining them for hours. This makes it a great value.

Child Friendliness

While kids may not make the best choices as they play around in Toca Town, they’ll quickly adapt to the town and learn about all that it has to offer. Some of the actions may be a bit gross (playing around with the toilet), but it’s all appropriate for kids. It gives kids a safe place to be kids and over 20 fun characters to interact with while they play.

Forget grown-ups, kids make the rules and control what goes on in this fun virtual world.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars