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Review Summary:

Help heal 15 different adorable animals, and then feed them a snack in this cute app from Toca Boca.

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Price: $3.99
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Calling all animal lovers and future veterinarians! Toca Pet Doctor gives kids a chance to show some love to animals by helping take care of all their needs. As they enter the veterinarian’s office, kids will see 15 different animals waiting for someone to come along and fix them up. They’ve got bumps and bruises, fleas and dirt, and some have even found themselves tied up in knots. Kids get the chance to help out the animals, give them a snack, and send them back to the waiting room where they fall asleep and wait to be played with again.

Features include:

  • 15 adorable animals
  • Easy to complete tasks
  • Snacks to feed animals
  • Intuitive and colorful design


One area where Toca Pet Doctor doesn’t disappoint is its quality. It comes complete with the same intuitive design, fun sound effects, and bright colors that kids have come to love in Toca apps. Kids will also meet 15 different animals who wear their emotions well, putting on convincing sick faces in the waiting room that just beg kids to take them back to the exam room and fix them up and making kids feel accomplished with their smiling faces after they’ve been healed.


Kids won’t learn a lot about animal body parts or even basic health-related terms as they play, but they will build important character skills such as empathy and caring attitudes. As they play kids will also realize the benefits of taking time to help others and feel better when they see that the animals feel better too.


Each of the 15 different animals comes with a different problem, so kids spend their time completing different tasks and using different motions. For example, kids may wrap a bandage around a bird’s broken wing, put an ice pack on top of an animal’s head, or help untie a snake who has gotten himself tied up in a knot. After each animal has been healed, kids get to have fun feeding the animals snacks such as fish, leaves, and sunflower seeds. The variety of tasks keeps kids highly entertained.


With 15 different animals, over 15 different tasks, and a high-quality design, parents will feel as if the app has earned every penny of its slightly inflated price tag.

Child Friendliness

As kids fix up animals, they won’t encounter in-app purchases, advertisements, or other distractions to take them out of the game. However, kids may inquire about the small reminder about other Toca apps that appears on the main screen.

Help heal 15 different adorable animals, and then feed them a snack in this cute app from Toca Boca.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars