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  • Last modified: February 16, 2014
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Review Summary:

Presidents vs. Aliens is a great app for learning all sorts of facts about our American presidents.

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Presidents vs. Aliens is another high quality app from Dan Russell-Pinson, developer of some of my family’s favorite apps. With this app children and adults can learn many facts about America’s presidents while viewing the flashcards or playing multiple games. It is one to be enjoyed any time of year.

Presidents vs. Aliens is one of the apps featured in our Kids Apps for Presidents Day post.

Features include:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Customize the learning experience
  • Two bonus games
  • Pictures of famous presidential landmarks


This app has many high quality design elements that not only make the interface easy to use, but make the app entertaining.

Adding an option for narration would be nice for younger users who are not able to read the names or facts.


The types of questions asked include pictures, political party, predecessors and successors, nicknames, quotes, general facts and historical events. These options can be set during the creation of a user profile or easily changed later.

Users can read through flashcards to see pictures and learn facts about each of the 44 presidents. Flashcards can be viewed at any time; however, for most users, it may be best to read through these prior to playing the games.

Users will need to be able to read or have someone available to read for them as text is not narrated.


This is an app that has become a permanent fixture on our iPad. Kids will enjoy playing this app year round, not just in honor of President’s Day. It amazes me how children as young as kindergarten enjoy learning about American presidents. The addition of narration would allow those not able to read to enjoy this app too.

While kids do enjoy learning facts about presidents in many ways, this app contains multiple games that up the entertainment value. The main game is flinging a president with the goal of eliminating as many aliens as possible. A random president is earned after each successful round of questions.

Two bonus games are unlocked after earning enough presidents. Heads of State is the first to be unlocked. In this game the user must match the president’s name to their picture. The second game is Executive Order; the user must put the group of presidents presented in the correct order based on when they served.


Presidents vs. Aliens is a universal app available to download for less than one dollar. Up to five user accounts can be used. This app is a great value for families and schools. Not many apps stay on our iPad as long as this one has. A lite version is also available for download.

Child Friendliness

Children can play in a safe and entertaining environment when using Presidents vs. Aliens; a protected link for additional apps is located on the main page.

Presidents vs. Aliens is a great app for learning all sorts of facts about our American presidents.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars